New Year, New Site, More Sausages

Happy happy new year! Call me crazy, but I’ve got sausages on the brain right now but don’t we all really?  Chorizo, Bavarian, Italian, Kielbasa, Farmers, Andouille, Kale – you got it, I want it. There seems like no better time than the start of 2015 to profess my love for the sausage and its […]

Meg and Nigella

Nigella – through heartbreak, angsty adolescence and lonely London living, there was you. It’s always been you.  Wherever I go, there you are.  A domestic goddess to be sure, but at the risk of sounding dramatic and almost certainly unhinged, you are also so much more.  You are my shining light, my kindred spirit, but […]

So Young, So Supple

It occurs to me as I sit alone in the dark shovelling instant noodles down my gullet at a little past 10 pm watching Ariana Grande’s latest music video for Love Me Harder, that I may have peaked at the tender age of 26.  I might have actually already peaked by the time I reached […]

The Power of Poo

There’s not one day that goes by that the topic of poo does not make me anxious.  Poo is a constant stressor in my life – Am I regular enough?  Am I eating the right foods?  Am I going to get colon cancer?  Where is the nearest toilet?  And how clean is it? Friends, tell […]

Nick Jonas is the New Kale

Five years ago, who cared about kale? Nobody. Now it’s kale this, kale that, and, “Check out these kale chips I just made.”  Or, “Ya, it’s so great, I just steam up some kale and enjoy it with my quinoa and chia seeds.” Five years ago, who cared about Nick Jonas?  Nobody.  Nobody at all. […]

How to Become a Grandmaster Asian Mom

The answer is simple – you learn to make Beef Brisket like a boss of course. In the spirit of Fall Comfort: Asian edition, Wayne spent most of the night slaving away over a hot stove whipping up a vat of beef brisket and daikon. So while I may not be able to claim Grandmaster […]

September – A Month for New Leaves

Unless you’re me, and instead of new leaves, your first week has been week of horror.  Instead of leaf turning, you find yourself reversing major life decisions that you’ve just spent the past eight months rearranging your world around. After finding myself in horror classroom predicament surrounded by young, perky, supple twenty year olds as […]

New Year’s Eve – So Over It

New Year’s Eve always falls into that special category of events that only two other events belong to.  And that is Halloween and my birthday. You know which category I’m talking about.  The category that always causes so much stress, anxiety, sweating, and expectations that it can only end  in one (or a combination) of […]

Feminist? Are You Sure?

How many more ludicrous articles and Facebook rants claiming to be in the name of “feminism” am I going to have to be subjected to before my head explodes? The road is long it seems. Beyonce’s album drops, the world is shocked into a frenzy.  In her album, she calls herself a feminist.  Cool. Next […]