New Year, New Site, More Sausages

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Happy happy new year!

Call me crazy, but I’ve got sausages on the brain right now but don’t we all really?  Chorizo, Bavarian, Italian, Kielbasa, Farmers, Andouille, Kale – you got it, I want it.

There seems like no better time than the start of 2015 to profess my love for the sausage and its many varieties but also to start my new site.

That’s right fronds, from now on I’m going to be starting to post from:

All my past posts, comments, and subscribers should have been transferred over and I hope you’ll keep reading and talking to me.  And if you don’t currently read or talk to me, pretty please start?  For the love of sausage?

Thanks for all the love peeps, let’s keep being friends.  And see ya on the other side.  Lazy girl sausage recipe to come!


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