Bagel is the New Burger (Rosemary Rocksalt)

Maybe not quite, but Rosemary would almost have you convinced otherwise at her adorable Main Street home with her bagels as fat as my head and stuffed with more meat than my mouth knows what to do with.

You won’t hear me complaining though because more meat is just the way Meg likes it.


A mad dash from out of the rain this past Saturday afternoon, I make my way inside to the bright warmth of Rosemary Rocksalt only to somehow completely miss the glaringly large case of bagels stationed right at the entrance.

Carb Friends of mine, I tell of my failures only so you do not repeat my past mistakes and instead, will prosper in the land of bagel.

Bagels steeped in history, these halos of happiness are part of the same family that have kept so many happy for the past 22 years – Seigel’s Bagels.

Packed with Montreal-style bagels, when it comes to bagel decisions, you’d best be served by taking your time thinking it through.  Weigh the pros and cons, phone a friend, and use a lifeline if you have to.

Do as I say and not as I do, otherwise you might end up making hasty half-hearted decisions you aren’t fully committed to.


In the end, things aren’t as dire as I make them out to be because my Jalapeno Melt on an Everything Bagel turned out to be everything I wanted plus more to doggy bag and take home with me.

Still, I can’t help but wonder to this day, what would have happened if I had gone with the Rosemary Rocksalt Bagel – the very bagel that this delightful deli is named after.

Thankfully, my sorrow was short-lived with the arrival of my Jalapeno Melt stuffed with delicious moist Montreal Smoked Meat then smothered under melting cheese and a generous helping of jalapenos, tomatoes, lettuce, and mustard.  I’ve seen the light and I’m not going back.

A whole new world of bagels has opened up to me – one with a vast array of options and endless opportunities.


It’s a good thing I opted for the Jalapeno Melt because after seeing Wayne’s Regular Montreal Smoked Meat Bagel, I knew I had made the superior choice.

Without any of the fanfare, his bagel arrived sans everything save for the meat and mustard.  Fine for those looking for something a little more basic, but truth be told, I found this on the bland side.

The salt and fire kick from the cheese and jalapenos goes a long way in my world and whenever there’s an opportunity to ruin something simple with additional condiments, I will always take it.

Upgrading the smoked meat bagel to a Combo with French Fries, my mind is further blown with the realization that a bagel shop could make such splendid spuds.  A nice thickness, these fries are well-seasoned, fluffy on the inside and fried to a golden crisp.

A newfound mad love for bagels, would I return?

At $24 for two, it’s on the pricier side for a fast food lunch but with so many more bagels to tackle, how can one just say no?

Breakfast, Cream Cheese, Lox, Club, Turkey – All your bagel are belong to us.

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