We’re Not In Kansas Anymore (Basho Cafe and Sweets)

Are we even in Vancouver?

In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find somebody who’d blame you for thinking you were the feature lead in an emotional Japanese drama that centres largely around a charming little cafe and yourself.

From the windows to the walls, to the delightful dessert balls, I was half expecting tiny adorable cats to come cuddle up against me at any moment.


No cats, but Matcha Lattes instead because Asians take their matcha seriously.  You might have heard the popular saying, “A bowl of matcha a day keeps the wrinkles away,” so when it comes to superficial possibly fallacious sayings, it’s best not to mess about.

With one sip of my creamy latte, it hits me with an unsweetened matcha blast so intense I swear I feel not only my skin smoothing over as I sip but also the antioxidants hard at work preventing cancer and disease.

One things for certain, this isn’t your Starbucks Green Tea Latte and if like me, you like your matcha a little sweet, make your way to the condiment stand to add your sugar and honey.

Friendly service and complementary sweet treats accompanying my warm bevvy means that this Asian is most pleased.



Tuna Tataki Salad Bowl is never my first choice for a Fat Friday lunch on account of it being not fat enough, but this unassuming bowl of greenery is so much more delightful than my elephant heart could have ever imagined.

Soft tuna atop a bed of fresh veg and tossed in a zesty miso ginger dressing and sprinkled with sweetened pickled daikon.  It seems the clean eating life is not so abhorrent after all.



Fat Fridays do call for some amount of excess though so the Teri Pulled Pork Rice Bowl seems only right. A generous scooping of fluffy rice smothered in dry pieces of shredded pork, this dish was not as successful as the first.

Delicately flavoured with rice vinegar, the dreamy rice was easily the best part of my dish.  In addition to more teriyaki sauce and a shorter cooking time, I couldn’t help but think that a glorious yolky pan fried egg would elevate this dish to shining star status.

Open only from 9-4, Monday to Friday, would I return?

With hours like this, getting here is more difficult than peaking Mount Kiliminjaro, so it’s unlikely.  But one day, if once again, the stars align and the Tataki gods intervene, I would gladly revisit this adorable coffee shop.

At about $10 a bowl, prices are a little higher than what I’m normally willing to pay for my weekday lunch but you can’t put a price on pizzazz.


And you can trust me when I say that with quirky dessert displays, delicious homemade pastries and biscuits, and mason jar cuppery, Basho’s got pizzazz.


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2 thoughts on “We’re Not In Kansas Anymore (Basho Cafe and Sweets)

  1. In love with your blog- there’s just something so intriguing and unique in your style of writing and personality. (: I just started my own blog and its nothing compared to yours, but if you had some extra time it would mean a lot if you could check it out. Looking forward to more from you!

    • Rachel, thank you so much for your kind comments! My favourite part of blogging is getting to talk to new people so I’m glad you enjoy visiting my blog.

      I always have love for my foodie peeps so I am definitely going to be checking out your blog!

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