Beer Good, Brunch Bad (Alibi Room)

Bad might be a bit of a stretch but there’s definitely a lesson to be learned here.  More specifically, that lesson is that when a beer room specializes in beer, you buck up and you order the beer.

You do not go specifically to a tavern for their Eggs Benedict or other miscellaneous brunch items.  I repeat, when you are visiting a Haus of Beer, you bypass the brunch and barrel straight through to the liquid happiness.

It’s a lesson Jaime and I had to learn the hard way Saturday morning at Alibi Room.

I’m willing to step up and accept responsibility here for my missteps but in my defence, soft murmurs of the Salmon Benny had been circulating around me for the past little bit.

Alibi Room

Served with two poached eggs, wild smoked salmon, dill cream cheese, capers, red onions all under a dollop of hollandaise and accompanied by roasted potatoes and a piece of watermelon, it wasn’t terrible.

The Best Salmon Benny it is not because with two meager eggs, a couple scrappy pieces of salmon, and a scant smearing of cream cheese, I imagine this is something close to what Tiny Tim felt at Christmas Dinner.

Alibi Room2

However tiny, my meal is at least salvaged by a nicely poached egg that oozes a rich yellow yolk.  The roasted potatoes are soft and decently seasoned while the watermelon slice proves delightfully refreshing at the end of a rich breakfast.

At $11.25 a Benny, would I return?

Beer is the game at Alibi so no, you won’t catch me here again when the sun’s a shining but once that sun sets, all bets are off because with an edgy antique vibe at the edge of Gastown, this is one sultry tavern.

With Alibi Room’s extensive and varied selection of brews, night time is best when beer is your dinner, things start to get hazy, and rules aren’t meant to be followed.

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