Tastes Like Butter (Matchstick)

Tastes like vats of butter and that’s the way uh huh uh huh I like it.  I’m of course talking about my croissant here at Matchstick Coffee Roasters.


This is how you do a Croissant.  The only way I can truly savour my croissant experience is when I’ve smothered it under a fruity layer of berry jam so I know that when I enjoy eating it sans jelly, it’s a good croissant.

Flakey on the outside, fluffy on the inside and oh so tasty, this buttery pastry was just what I was looking for this afternoon to accompany my latte.

Speaking of Latte, that’s right – believe it or not this coffee shop does actually sell more than just delicious buttery croissants.  If you’re looking for coffee, look no further cause they’ve got it.

When it comes to the coffee, Matchstick’s goal is to take your common cup of coffee and elevate it to its highest level.  This means that each and every single cup of coffee is brewed individually and that complicated contraptions and filtering systems that look suspiciously similar to my Science 9 classes are involved.

Intimidation.  Fear.  Panic.  You might feel all these things upon entering because with it’s plaid clad baristas, clean lines, and warehouse vibe on the edge of Vancouver’s Chinatown, Matchstick just oozes cool.

Do what I do and you won’t go wrong.

Show no fear.  Stay calm, look your barista straight in the eye, speak evenly and without hesitation because remember, no one is cooler than you.  Not even if they out plaid you and especially not even if their glasses have thicker rims than yours.

And when you make the mistake of thinking they offer vanilla syrup for their lattes, just brush it off and move on because you  got this and you still cool.

It’s a latte worth stressing for too because with it’s luscious velvety foam, you know this is what lazy Sundays are made for.


The Earl Grey Almond Crumble Muffin with its satisfying almond crunch topping is also a nice treat.  Not a healthy delight to be sure, but if you’ve got a sweet tooth, this muffin might just hit the spot with its delicate earl grey highlights and citrus notes.

One afternoon delight later, would I return?

Match point for Matchstick.  Match point for us all.

At $15 dollars for two, prices are competitive.  Butter croissants are the jam and lazy lattes are lovely, so you know I’ll be back.

Matchstick Coffee on Urbanspoon

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