All By Myself (Norboo)

When I was young
I never needed anyone.
And making love was just for fun,
Those days are gone.

They must be long gone because who ever really wants to be found sitting down to a full course meal alone in a restaurant on a cold winter’s night?

And yet there I was at 9pm on a Wednesday night all by myself.  Don’t wanna be, all by myself.  Anymore.

Every now and then though, it’s gonna happen – you’re going to be all by yourself feeling sorry about the sad state of your life and stuffing your face with spicy food that in the end, is probably only going to make things just a little bit sadder.

When boys have you sobbing and girls be acting crazy, nothing heals the soul quite like a dramatic meal at a Korean restaurant set to the tune of whiny asian wailing, and for these times, it can only be Norboo.


Despite the shoddy service and its grunge and grime, Norboo’s Banchan and Beef Stone Bowl Soup have made this unassuming restaurant a long time favourite of mine.

What is Korean food if not for Banchan?


I would be lying if I said the complimentary servings of tasty kimchi, sweet potatoes, bean sprouts and most importantly the sweet tangy pasta salad did nothing to ease my misery.  And if I’m being perfectly truthful, banchan eaten alone is way better than eating banchan together anyway because when it comes to the B, I hate sharing and I will not do it.


As much as I love their Beef Stone Bowl Soup, I knew it had to be the Kimchi Soup because if ever there was a time for a case of the painful kimchi sweats, it was now.

A vibrant red and scattered with pieces of tofu and bits of pork, you can be sure my soup had me hunched over my table for four a clammy mess, but it definitely lacked flavouring.  Spicy but bland, this soup needed a strong boost in the personality department.

Still, when your life is a mess, kimchi – no matter how bland – sure has a way of doing the trick.

Through blood, sweat and tears, would I return?

Norboo, Saranghaeyo!

With my entire meal coming to around only $10, and with a menu the size of a Chinese phone book, Norboo has your back.

In fact, with a menu full of enough cheap eats to feed an army, I might actually have to bring someone with me next time.  Someone?  Anyone?

Nor Boo Korean on Urbanspoon

6 thoughts on “All By Myself (Norboo)

  1. I used to know a guy who would blast that song in his car(Celine Dion version)….so gay..haha.

    Eating out alone is for champs. I do it all the time. Most people feel too embarrassed to do it…wusses.

  2. Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling that great. hope everything gets sorted out for you and you know i am always down to eat 😉

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