Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (Belgard Kitchen)

Vancouver – where everyday is cloudy with a chance of meatballs and if you know me, it’s a good thing.

Never have I ever been able to say no to a meatball so you know that when I saw the words Meatball, Brunch and Skillet together this past Sunday at Belgard Kitchen, some serious meatballin’ is going down.


Yet another craft brewery and kitchen combo housed in a majestically cavernous structure on the outskirts of town , it only makes sense for Belgard to be staffed with peeps who are too cool for school, but especially too cool for you.

By now, we all know that if you want to make it in Vancouver, you’ve got to at least act like you hate the people who are paying for your product and cram them into the tiniest corner possible so as to create the maximum amount of discomfort because, obviously.

Good thing I’m a sucker for meaty mounds because I might actually have managed to get worked up over the fact that eating my brunch was something similar to being trapped in a box smaller than my body for an hour.


Meatballs and two perfectly runny poached eggs smothered in an onion parmesan cheese sauce, a vibrant and refreshing tomato sauce, lotsa mozza – ain’t nothing gonna break my stride.  Nobody’s gonna slow me down, oh no.  I’ve got to keep on moving.

Not even the lacklustre brunch spuds are gonna break my stride.  Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, all these taters need are a good ol fashioned shake of salt to kick it up a notch.


And because I’m all about the pro-tips, I’m about to drop another one on ya.  Order a side of sourdough to sop up your beauteous yolky tomato sauce because when you dine with Meg, no drop goes untouched.

Meatballs all around, would I return?

At $15 for my skillet, it’s not unfair.  Service is no good but Belgard brings strong ball game to the table so I’m not saying no.  I’m also not saying yes, but I will say this – keep the meatballs coming.

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