Mistress of Spice (East Van Roasters)

Like a saucy minx, you breeze into my life for a brief moment with your luscious creamy folds and spicy ways and now that you’re gone I can’t help but yearn for you.

Mayan Spiced Hot Chocolate, you’ve made a proper Mistress of Spice of me.

EastVan Roasters

Have you heard the good word?

Thanks to friends, Nick and Maggie, I heard the good word on a crisp Saturday afternoon and believe me when I say they don’t call it touched by an angel for no reason.

Adorably tiny, East Van Roasters in Gastown preps their coffees and chocolates on site and they serve it up to you with a big ol’ side of love.  Not your average cuppa hot choco, my spiced bevy this afternoon packed a serious kick in this deliciously frothy chocolate delight.

If you’re looking for something to ease the winter chill and you want a touch of exotic, this has your name all over it.

One warm cuppa later, would I return?

This is one proud mistress walking.  At $5 a shot, it’s no bargain but this feisty potion’s got me intrigued and with plenty of coffees, drinking chocolates, truffles, hand rolled chocolates, and pastries for me to try, they have me wrapped around their finger.

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