Working on My Muffin Top (Creme De La Crumb)


Haterz gonna hate, so even if you find yourself all by your lonesome sitting outside in the freezing cold outside of Creme De La Crumb during your work break, you just keep right on trucking.

Even if the oatmeal off your freshly baked Blueberry Oatmeal Muffin crumbles off into your scarf and into your hair, keep right on eating because when a muffin tastes this soft and moist, you don’t just turn your back on that.

An inconspicuous little coffee and bake shop on Granville, no one would blame you for walking by without even a glance because blink once and you nearly miss it.  Don’t expect a cozy cafe either because if you want to have a seat, you better believe you’ll be joining me out at the single table that’s practically sitting in the middle of the sidewalk on the mean streets of Vancouver.

Fresh blueb bluebs don’t care though, because it’s hard to complain when your juicy muffin features a delightful crumbly oatmeal topping and a subtly sweet flavour.


Rolled up into an adorable petite package and packed with blueberries and nutritional oatmeal, this obviously constitutes clean eating since I think we’re all well aware by now that anti-oxidants and fibre cancel out any and all harmful effects of refined sugars and fats.

Round as a blueberry, would I return?

You know it.

With icy temperatures approaching, I can just feel it in my bones.  No afternoon work break would be complete without a sweet tea and $3 treat, I say bring on the muffin top.

Crème de la Crumb Bakeshop on Urbanspoon

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