Beaucoup, Je Ne Sais Pas

Oh Mon Dieu! Je ne sais pas, je ne sais pas.

When it comes to Beaucoup Bakery and Cafe, I just don’t know.  What do you do when your mind says one thing and your heart says another?  I don’t want to hurt you but I can’t stay with you because as lovely as your luscious latte might have been this afternoon, I just wasn’t feeling it.


Tucked away in what almost feels like an industrial neighbourhood, stepping into Beaucoup is like stepping into a sardine can with its bizarre almost nonsensical layout.  Step to your left, you’re rubbing up against an unsuspecting stranger.  Step to your right, your elbow is in another’s eye.

It’s hard to breathe in there let alone eat, and when you’re a lady who’s large and in charge, you can see why this might be problematic.

Oui oui, my Vanilla Latte, brewed with 49th Parallel beans, was très délicieux with the perfectly balanced vanilla notes and a beautiful leaf folded into its silky foam, but my supreme discomfort meant I felt the extreme urgency to down it in five minutes just so that I could leave.


Known for their freshly baked French pastries, I knew the Butter Croissant had to be mine.

Baked to a flaky golden sheen, this croissant was almost too flakey.  I’m talking flakey to the point where most of the top had fallen off, forming a tiny mound of crispy chips on my plate.

Simple and plain, there wasn’t much of any taste to it except when paired with jam, which FYI is going to run you an additional fee.

Cramped coffee and croissant later, would I return?

Priced at $11 for a medium vanilla latte, an americano, and a croissant, I can’t say it’s unfair but sometimes things just don’t work out between two parties.

I don’t want you to cry for me because with so many other customers, it’s clear to me that you’ll be moving on quickly, but as much as I enjoyed my latte, it’s not enough to make me come back to you.

Beaucoup, I bid you adieu.

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