Ramen Redemption (Taishoken Ramen)

The Noodle’s Prayer – please do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil.  For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.  Ramen.  For if you forgive others for their transgressions, your heavenly Noodle will also forgive you.

It is I who found redemption tonight, on the most unlikeliest of nights.  On a Monday evening when only the heathens among us revel in hijinks and shenanigans on the first work night of the week, I found ramen redemption at Taishoken.

Fragile and dejected afte a slew of disastrous ramen experiences, it is with wary apprehension that I approached my noo noo bowl.

While known for their Tsuke-men, or “dipping” ramen in which the noodles are served separate from the broth, near hypothermia and rational thought called for something a little more heavy duty.

Two big bowls for two big girls, it was Miso Ramen for me and Shoyu Ramen for Daphne.


Served with two pieces of juicy pork belly, half an egg, and a cuttlefish, this velvety pork and chicken broth packed a ton of flavour.

Automatic extra points for the cuttlefish no doubt, but the egg needs some work.  A lesson in marination and cooking time might benefit because with a slight ooze, one bite in, the whole thing fell apart into one mushy heap.

And what’s the deal with only half an egg?  What’s a sister gotta do around here to get un oeuf?


When it comes to noodle, Taishoken’s got it right.  Springy and perfectly cooked with a nice chew, these noo noos are bringing sexy back.  There’s nothing like the soft soothing sensation of a firm chewy noodle running through your mouth to make you feel like a natural woman.

Both the savoury miso and shoyu broths are tasty but truth be told, I couldn’t help but look over at Daphne’s bowl with a tinge of jealousy.  On the excessive side, the salty miso hit me in the face like BAM, where as the shoyu has a more sophisticated and subtle delicacy.

Ramen God, heard my prayer – so would I return?

At $10 a bowl, the ramen is slightly cheaper than some of its competitors and egg flaws aside, I finally found redemption tonight in a chewy noodle, rich broth, and the ever elusive cuttlefish.  I will be back.

Taishoken Ramen 大勝軒 on Urbanspoon

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