Nick Jonas is the New Kale

Five years ago, who cared about kale? Nobody. Now it’s kale this, kale that, and, “Check out these kale chips I just made.”  Or, “Ya, it’s so great, I just steam up some kale and enjoy it with my quinoa and chia seeds.”

Five years ago, who cared about Nick Jonas?  Nobody.  Nobody at all.

He was just the twerpy little brother of the good looking one, albeit exponentially better looking than the oldest one, but still just a shrimp.

Fast forward to 2014, kale is the superfood and Jonas is the man.  When? How?  What?  How?


When did he turn into a man?  And how young is too young?

There definitely is an answer to that question I’m sure, but is it pertinent?  And do we really care?  I know I don’t, but let’s just say I did – 22 would definitely not be too young.

And let’s just say I’ve spent every night for the past week watching and re-watching his music video for Jealous.  Would I be wrong?

Before you answer, have you seen the way he wears his pants?  Have you seen the way he fills out his shirt? And have you seen the amazing faces he makes throughout the video? All I’m saying is that these are the things we need to be thinking about here people.


Word on the street is Nick’s been dating former Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo, since last year and that he’s stopped wearing the purity ring.  Remember when that was a thing?  Wonder how fast that thing came off once he reached the age of individual thought.

Obviously having so much in common with Olivia, it’s a good thing Nick and I have never actually met or Olivia’s life might be a much sadder place right now.  Yes, there was that one time we did happen to be in the same building for three hours when I bought tickets to his musical, but fate intervened as it does, and ultimately, he went on to find happiness with her while I went on to start a foodblog.

So, in the end, I guess we both win.


My peeps, the point is I think it’s time to make some changes in my life.  If I can make room for Nick Jonas with his tight white shirts and fitted leather jackets, I think I can make a little room for the ever popular green leaf that packs a mean punch.

Kale, I’m taking you on.  Hit me with your best shot.  I want your beta carotene, vitamin K, vitamin C, calcium, carotenoids, and your sulforaphanes because I am definitely on my way to a healthier Olivia looking me.

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