Unhappy Days (Days Thai)


It’s time for another round of my favourite game – Guess The Food: Saturday Night Edition.

The fact that I would rather spend my Saturday night piling up my trusty Royal Chinet with vast amounts of assorted indistinguishable takeout says one of two things about me:

1.) I have finally outgrown my wild and unruly party days and am making big strides forward into mature sophistication, or
2.) I am slowing slipping into obesity and have resorted to seeking comfort in plates of greasy asian food.

In all honesty, both seem alright to me as long as I have the calm and warming reassurances of greasy food.

I may have to reconsider the vendor of my food though because it was unhappy days for me on Saturday night with takeout from Days Thai.


When life hands you sweatpants, the only thing you can do sometimes is eat as many Spring Rolls as you can fit in your mouth.  Turns out these springs rolls looked a lot plumper and tastier than they were because while I might have been able to find room for four or more, I really only wanted none.

Supposedly stuffed with vegetables and glass noodles, it felt and tasted more like just air.  Even a hard long soak in the plum sauce did little to ease my dissatisfaction.


When it comes to chicken, dry and chewy is the running theme because no matter where it was, it was just that.

Chicken Satay, Green Curry Chicken, Panang Curry Chicken, Swimming Angel Chicken, Crispy Noodles – dry, dry, dry.

Green Curry; Panang Curry, Singing Angel, Crispy Noodles

Green Curry; Panang Curry, Singing Angel, Crispy Noodles

An avid fan of Green Curry, this dish was a disappointment with its dull watered down sauce, while the Crispy Noodles in a Thai black bean sauce lacked flavour save for the odd black bean here and there.

Far from mouth watering but easily the winners tonight were the Panang Red Curry and the Singing Angel.  Sweet and with added richness from the coconut milk and peanut butter, the creamy pink curry filled with chicken, onions, and peppers was a nice accompaniment for my rice.

One of Meg’s Golden Rules – when bland, add more peanut sauce and thou shall be content.  Singing Angel’s strict adherence to this rule combined with the bed of spinach and bean sprouts added a splash of refreshment to what was otherwise a lacklustre meal.

Fat pants on all night with enough room to fit fifty spring rolls, would I return to Days Thai?

Ehm, I don’t think so.

With dishes ranging from anywhere between $8 and $13, it adds up, and life’s just too short to be spending my hard earned dollar dollar  bills on boring Thai.



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3 thoughts on “Unhappy Days (Days Thai)

  1. For that first plate of food I was going to guess Manchu Wok..lol If you’re lucky enough, one day you will evolve to where I am on a Saturday night, drinking beer by yourself on a zero gravity lounge chair.

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