Oh Nero, My Hero (Nero Belgian Waffle Bar)

When life hands you disastrous hamburgers, you’ve got to pick yourself right back up, brush the dry bread and burnt beef right off your shirt, and buy yourself a fancy dessert waffle.

You deserve it.  I deserve it.  We deserve it.

Trudging home feeling sorry for myself after a dismal burger, the delicate scent of sweet glory gently wafts towards me.  So light at first that I can barely detect it but with each step I take, the rising crescendo of the beautiful aroma beckons me and I know there is no other way.

Nero, we meet again.  Tiny and filled to capacity last time, you might have escaped me.  This time though, you will be mine.


A sucker for all things hazelnut, there was no denying The Bresilienne.  A brussels waffle buried under mounds of whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, hazelnut crumble, and then drizzled with caramel sauce is the very definition of redemption.

One bite and it was like my hamburger woes were nothing but a horrific nightmare.

Light and crispy, but still fluffy, the sweetness from the caramel drizzle and creams on my waffle are perfectly balanced by the nutty hazelnut.

In a tale of cream vs. cream, which cream reigns supreme?  With two dollops of whipped and only one ice, I can’t help but yearn for a waffle world with less whip and more ice and at $10, I don’t think I’m being unfair.

Still, this was a quality waffle so you know I ate it all.

A note of caution to my waffle peeps – at first glance, the menu may seem overwhelming, but stay calm with deep breaths and warm thoughts, and you will overcome.


Take it slow, decide on waffle type.  Light and crispy or soft and sweet?

Then ask yourself – Plain or toppings? Fruity or chocolatey?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions because remember, no question is stupid.  The staff are experts and when they saw me struggling with waffle selection, like Nero’s heroes, they swooped in to save the day with their skilled and savvy waffle knowledge.

Would I return?

There is no question.  When I was down and out, Nero took me in and treated me right.  With a little warmth, sweetness, and a nutty topping, like my hero, Nero showed me that there is still life beyond bad patty.

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