Not a Winner, Chicken Dinner (Marutama Ra-men)

Marutama – trust me, this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you because believe me, I want to like you.  More than that, I want to love you.  I want to love all of you.

From your adorable wooden entrance to your quaint little interior, you’ve got me feeling like a proper Ramen Girl.  If it weren’t for one thing – the ramen.

Chicken chicken chicken, when it comes to Marutama, it’s all about the chicken.  Instead of pork, the broth is made entirely from chicken, giving it a bright yellowish hue.


Anticipating the ultimate bowl of ramen for ages now, I was more than a little disappointed to have my Tamago Ramen served to me with two dried out chewy pieces of cha-shu over a bed of too thin handmade noodles.

Well intentioned I’m sure, each bowl is garnished with the innovative aosa seaweed that is meant to meld into the soup to create the perfect salt balance.

More than anything though, mushy seaweed is what I got.


Opting for the spicy chicken broth, my soup packed a flat salty punch but a fiery kick.  With a thick velvety texture that is characteristic of any decent bowl of ramen, this bowl lacked that subtle depth and personality that I’ve come to crave in my japanese noodles.

Before you think me a heinous witch for spewing my vicious haterade everywhere though, I wish to point out their egg.  Even if all else failed (which it did), know this – their egg game is strong.

A delicious marinade with a silky yolk, you would’t be wrong and nobody would judge you for ordering a steaming bowl of twelve eggs.


The Cha-Shu Ramen bowl at $12.75 came with an additional two slices of roasted pork filet but sans delicious egg.

Turns out the spicy broth adds more savoury flavour than even I expected because without that heat, this mild chicken broth was both bland and lacklustre.


Don’t even get me started on the Daikon.  No really, don’t, because it actually upsets me.

Now I’m no rocket scientist, but I’m fairly certain my white radish oden is not supposed to taste like absolutely nothing.  Looking and tasting like it had been stewing in water, that’s exactly what it tasted like – squishy water daikon.

Chicken dinner not a winner, would I return?

Me so solly!

Under $30 for two isn’t terrible but with a boring broth and a skinny noodle that lacks a good chew, this Ramen Girl is still on the hunt for the ultimate noodle experience.

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