Table For One (Urban Sushi)

It seems to me an incontrovertible truth that just as one sits down for lunch involving shovelling of mass quantities of rice into face and inadvertent swallowing of hidden wasabi followed by excessive sweating, one always seems to be dining alone in the middle of a bustling restaurant.

Such was my predicament this afternoon during my lunch break at Urban Sushi.  Half sushi, half u-grill, this clean, well-lit bistro is ideal for those groups having a tough time fighting over meal preferences.


Chirashi Don

Here’s to second chances because I’ll be the first to admit, my first encounter here left something to be desired.  Unimpressed with its mediocrity and high prices, Urban Sushi managed to rectify this with their selection of Daily Specials.

Accompanied by a fancy holiday drink and a miso soup, each special comes to around $13.

More than I like to budget for my lunches, but what’s life really about if you can’t let loose and go wild once in a while?  But even more than that, what’s $13 if there’s enough food to last me the span of two meals.

My daily special – Miso Soup, three piece Shrimp Gyoza, Chirashi Don, and a Virgin Mojito.


My miso was surprisingly tasty with tiny bits of tofu scattered throughout.  A little more seaweed and bigger tofu chunks would have been appreciated, but this was a solid soup.


Still looking to fix that gyoza hankering since a certain disappointing experience we shan’t relive, these shrimp dumplings were a step in the right direction.

Sized well and decently flavoured, albeit slightly mushy, these gyozas were at least appropriately oiled and not the price of my first born child.  Not a lot of shrimp flavour but fried to a nice golden shade, there’s not much to complain about.

The chirashi don was the real crowning achievement of my meal.  With a generous amount of rice, assorted, sashimi, salmon roe, crab mix, and seaweed salad, I can’t help but be impressed.  So generous in fact that half needs to be taken home with me.

There’s nothing that makes me giddier than seeing my lunch dollar being stretched out into my dinner dollar.

Again, it might have been nice if the wasabi was on the side rather than hidden in secret rice pockets to save me the public pain that is wasabi burn, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


When dining alone, it’s important to make flashy, extravagant displays and I’m confident I accomplished that with my virgin mojito.  Truth be told I probably would have preferred to go drinkless and save a dollar, but when life throws you mojitos, you keep your head down and sip on.

Sugar rim, mint leaves, and a slice of lime, I felt like I should have been on vacation more than a sad solo lunch break with this refreshingly tart bevy.

Fancy drink at a table for one, would I return?

I would.

Let’s be real for a moment.  The sushi isn’t out of this world but Urban Sushi is clean, quick, and convenient.  Daily specials are your ticket here because individual menu items are overpriced, though they do offer aburi sushi for those looking for budget upscale chic.

Urban won’t take the special place I hold in my heart for Rue 909 because as I’m sure you know, there’s something to be said for being able to heave your sushi all alone underground like a mole person, but it’s a close second.

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5 thoughts on “Table For One (Urban Sushi)

  1. I walked in a few weeks ago for my lunch break and decided it was, just like you, a bit too much for my lunch budget. Great minds think alike 😉

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