Let’s Do the Time Warp Again (The Wilder Snail Cafe)

Maybe it was chance.  Maybe it was fate.  It’s hard to say why life takes us to certain places at certain times but I do know this – walking into The Wilder Snail is like taking a step back into time.

A happier time , a time where people left their doors unlocked, children ran freely, and most importantly, a time where Jimmy Soul and Elvis ruled the airwaves.

On one of those perfect crisp Autumn days, a long afternoon stroll lead us to this hidden gem of a neighbourhood shop on the outskirts of Vancouver’s Chinatown.  Half grocery store, half coffee bar, I knew where my heart stood immediately after laying eyes on the adorable sign cajoling me into enjoying a cup of their special mulled apple cider.wildersnail3 With a cozy neighbourhood vibe, this cafe caters to the coffee drinkers, the organic and gluten free crowd, and the everyman.  I took up their offer and ordered up a special Mulled Apple Cider and boy, was it ever special. wildersnail2   Steamed to a foam and with my generous sprinkling of cinnamon powder, this fall delight was a joyous occasion for this everyman. Unlike the steamed apple juice I’m so accustomed to at a little known coffee shop that shall remain unnamed but rhymes with Barbucks, this cider was made with love.

Subtle yet with deeper apple notes accompanied by the perfect sweetness, it was exactly what I was looking for before I even knew what I was looking for.

But what’s a steaming cider without a little snack? wildersnail     Enter the Gluten Free Almond Granola Bar.  Not too sweet and with a touch of salt, this almond snack was both tasty and healthy.

Stumbling upon a neighbourhood gem and travelling back in time is all in a hard Fall day’s work, so would I return?

Adorable, quaint, and fairly priced with my cider at around $4 and my granola at $3.50, that would be a yes.  If you’re looking for heartier fare, Snail’s got you covered with a selection of sandwiches as well.

But if cider’s what you’re after – this is it, this is what you want.  Their delicious cider’s got me all like whoa and I don’t care who knows.

The Wilder Snail Cafe on Urbanspoon

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