Cheese Talk (Pure Bread)

It’s time my friends – time to have the talk I’ve been dreading for months.  It’s time to have the Cheese Talk.


I’m of course talking about the role of cheese in my dessert pastries.  It’s a tough talk to have but someone has to do it and if that person is me, so be it.

I’m of the firm opinion that cream cheese belongs on my bagel and on my bagel only.  It does not belong in my sushi, it does not belong on top of my cupcake, and it does not belong all over my Cranberry Cream Bar.

Now I can be reasonable.  Cream cheese mashed potatoes, cream cheese pasta sauces, and cream cheese meat gravies – I’ll give them a try and I’ll even keep an open mind but when it comes to my sushi and my pastries, I have to draw the line.

That line had to be drawn this afternoon during my visit to Pure Bread.

Newly opened and adorable with their almost overwhelmingly abundant and elaborate display of baked goods,  this bakery doesn’t joke around when it comes to variety.


From breads and savouries


to pastries, cakes, and sweet treats, Pure Bread’s got your back.

Initially hoping to glean some fresh bread, it was sad news bear for me because they had already sold out for the day.  Originally opened in Whistler, the bread is baked fresh everyday from their shop in Function Junction and delivered to Vancouver, which means if you want to secure yourself some loaf, you’re gonna want to get there at opening.

No matter though, because after walking twenty minutes in typical torrential Vancouver rainfalls, I was a woman on a new mission – find and secure afternoon delight.  With fifteen minutes to spare before their closing time at 4 pm, it was mission complete for us.


An earl grey tea and a cranberry cream bar seemed the perfect duo for a damp fall afternoon, except for one thing, and that is the cream cheese frosting.

Sweet tooths everywhere will rejoice at the cream bar because indeed it is sweet.  It is also a great way to go when faced with the ultimate question – to cookie or to cake?

Fret not because the cranberry bar makes life easy with its soft texturized consistency that is both like a cookie and cake all at once.

If only this cold black heart of mine could let love in and embrace the cream cheese frosting that is happiness for so many others.  Try as I might, that slight sour, pungent flavour that accompanies cream cheese desserts never fails to work at my gag reflex and today was no different.

I say all this at the risk of outraging all the cheese dessert advocates out there, but I hope we can still be friends?  It might be hard, but I think with a little work and communication, we can get through this together.

Despite my cheese ordeal, would I return?

It might not have worked out between cream bar and I, but there are plenty of fish in the sea.  Priced competitively with my bar at $3.50 plus a coffee and a tea for under $10, I’ll be back.  And what with so many other tasties to taste, I know I’ve just got to jump right back on that horse and try to hook me a winner.

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4 thoughts on “Cheese Talk (Pure Bread)

  1. I’m like that too! I can’t have cream cheese on anything but a bagel! I don’t mind cupcake frostings though, as long as the flavour isn’t too strong. Once I was starving and used cream cheese on toast, and it ain’t good!

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