Hits Close to Home (Sushi Miga)

HIts really close to home, which is the only real reason I found myself sitting down for sushi at Sushi Miga late Sunday afternoon.  Famished and stuck in East Vancouver for the day in the neighbourhood that raised me, sushi was the only thing I had on my mind.

Undeniably lazy with a general displeasure for physical activity of any sort on Sundays, my hands were tied when it came to restaurant selection.  Miga was the only way.

A recent addition to to a relatively sleepy restaurant scene, it wasn’t a surprise when we walked in to a dead empty restaurant at 2 pm.  Radiating a strong neighbourhood vibe, it was nice to see a menu with a varied selection of items.


What is a meal without miso?  No meal at all.

Life never seems quite right without a proper hot bowl of Miso Soup to kick-start your sushi experience and Sushi Sundays are no different.

Miga gets points for decent flavouring but that’s about it because the seaweed, tofu, and heat factor were definitely lacking.


Just in time though, the arrival of our Chopped Scallop Roll and Double Spicy Roll provided a much needed distraction.

In what could potentially be a unique hybrid between creativity and pure indifference, our chopped scallop roll arrived in a fashion I’ve never seen.  Rather than being rolled inside the rice as is typical practice among most Vancouver sushi chefs, the mayo scallop mixture came slopped on top.

Pure genius?  Utter laziness?  Who can really say?

Well, I suppose I can because while initially bold and beautiful, the appeal gradually subsided with the realization that the two just did not mould as nicely in my mouth when not rolled into a little package for me to devour.

Tasty enough, but add to that the extra effort of having to carefully scoop out the perfect amount of scallop onto each roll – well what good is my lazy Sushi Sunday if I have to work for it?

Double Spicy was probably more like single spicy but equipped with cucumber, avocado, spicy salmon, and topped with spicy crab and ample amounts of dribbling red and pink sauces, there’s not much to complain about.  Except maybe the spicy crab topping which tasted more like canned tuna than anything else.


What’s a little canned tuna on your sushi though when you’ve got Takoyaki in your life?  As optimistic as I tried to be about these battered octopus balls, in the end, reality just ended up raining on my parade yet again.

Puny and excessively mushy, my takoyaki experience was a letdown.

But when takoyaki fails, tofu saves the day.

miga 4

Crispy on the outside, soft and steaming on the inside, the Spicy Agedashi Tofu was a moderate hit.  With pieces on the smaller side, the almost neon orange sauce drizzled atop the tofu was a nice combination of both sugar and spice.

Lazy and unfit, would I return?

The appeal is obvious in terms of its convenience for the neighbourhood and with friendly and prompt service, the decision is difficult.

Never say never – after all you never know when another day will come along where the will to move more than ten metres is far too onerous a task – but no.

Lacklustre food and competitive prices, at just under $30 for our small meal, does not a repeat customer make.

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