I’ve Seen Fire and I’ve Seen Rain (BETA 5 Chocolates)

I’ve seen more than that, boy have I seen more than that.  Folks, hear my story because the road is long.

The road is long to the land of puff, but the journey worthwhile.  A true testament to your strength, will, and dedication, you will learn much about yourself in the harrowing pilgrimage that seems to stretch on and on with not an end in sight.

Trek through sun, survive through rain only to encounter flies in your eyes, and march on past abandoned roadside toilets through a near fatal street brawl – then and only then do you truly know that you’ve reached the holy land of sweet cream and puff.


At BETA5 Chocolates, they don’t just do chocolates.  A small, simple, and rather sterile operation, these renowned chocolatiers also specialize in designer cream puffs.


With nothing but a tiny neat sign above their warehouse door to tip you off, it was no simple feat to get my hands on these puffies.  Once inside, the process was simple.


  1. Retrieve Clipboard.
  2. Complete form with desired dessert selections.
  3. Hand over completed form to member of staff where you will be directed to payment line.
  4. Wait in payment line.
  5. Provide payment to second member of staff using desired method of payment.
  6. Wait for puffs.
  7. Retrieve puffs.

Admittedly, the task is harder than it seems because not only do you have the dangerous trek to overcome, but you’ve also got the overwhelmingly varied amount of cream puffs to contend with.


Pick wisely because at $4.50 a pop or 4 for $16, they don’t come cheap.  For me, it was the Pear Ginger, Milk Chocolate Praline, Vietnamese Coffee, and Raspberry Earl Grey.

Almost too beautiful to eat but best eaten same day, I managed to persevere and triumph.  With a subtly sweet and crumbly exterior reminiscent of the beloved asian pineapple bun, each creamy puff proved itself to be a lovely afternoon delight in its own unique way.

An asian oasis, the Pear Ginger was light, refreshing, and speckled with candied ginger.

Vietnamese Coffee, precious to a coffee lover, struck a delicate balance between bold and sweet.

Like a welcome reminder of my childhood, the Raspberry Earl Grey with its slight tang, was something similar to a deliciously brilliant cross between jello and cheesecake.

And for the chocolate lovers in all of us, the Milk Chocolate Praline carried with it deeper, more elegant notes complete with a  chocolate treasure hidden within.

Trek and trauma later, would I return?

Puff positive. I may have to rethink my mode of transport, but with an afternoon tea in one hand and a luscious cream filled puff in the other, the living is easy.

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