Pants Off, Grease On (Chong Qing)

Friday nights in my home are about two things – the immediate removal of pants and the grossly excessive consumption of greasy takeout.  As soon as I step through the door after a long day of work, you already know my pants are off and I’m heading to the couch where I will more than likely remain for the following four hours.

Greasy Friday featured the offerings of Chong Qing this evening.  Specializing in Szechuan cuisine, it only seemed fitting that I kickstart my Thanksgiving weekend with heaps of spicy aromatic meat because if Thanksgiving isn’t about a little excess, what is?

The dilemma around eating for two has always revolved around the number of dishes to order because while I might feel the urgent need to order four or more, reality and budgetary planning dictates we only order two.

Ginger Beef goes without saying – any trip to Chong Qing just wouldn’t feel right without it.


A jolt of flavour,this fragrant dish strikes a fun balance between sweet and savoury.  Ginger, onions, carrots, and green onions swimming in that subtly syrupy sauce alongside generous chunks of beef are what Friday nights are made of.

With an addictive quality combined with my addictive nature, without even realizing, this beef had me reaching for what had to be my fifteenth piece.  Sadly for Wayne, sharing has never been my strongest suit.

Feeling adventurous, Boneless Dai Ching Chicken also made an appearance.ChongQing3

Not as successful with the Dai Ching, the chicken was not a hit for us tonight.  Spicy and salty, there were no real characteristics beyond that.  Lacking a definite personality, one might go as far to say, “The chicken lights my mouth on fire for no good reason,” – and you would be right.

Pair it with a little rice though, and your chicken can be salvaged.


There’s something nostalgically cozy about piling mounds of meat and sauce atop your rice and rolling yourself up in a blanket ball on the couch to eat.  I think we can all agree that Friday night party life starts and ends here because if intermingling meat juices and snow white fluffy rice don’t spell exhilarating to you, then who can save you?

A giant grease ball later, would I return?

Uh huh honey.

Averagely priced at $14 a meat dish, this meal won’t break your bank.  Admittedly, takeout is never the same quality as in restaurant but sometimes, leaving the house as lazy sweaty mess is far too great a risk to society, and tough times call for tough measures.

Stick with winners like Ginger Beef and Wonton with Red Pepper and Peanut Sauce, and you won’t be led astray at Chong Qing.  Trust.

ChongQing on Robson 重慶飯店 on Urbanspoon

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