Come In, Stay Awhile (Kingyo Izakaya)

In fact, stay the night because the staff at Kingyo Izakaya sure treat you like family while you’re visiting.

Admittedly, I may have jumped the gun on a Tuesday evening by arriving 25 minutes before opening time, but can you really blame a girl for planning ahead after two prior utterly devastating failed attempts.

Nothing tickles my fancy like punctuality so it’s safe to say dinner was a success that night when it all began with our prompt 5:30 pm sharp seating.

Sleek, sexy, cool.  With its intimately lit ambience and friendly service, Kingyo makes an ideal venue for just about anything.  From dining alone to romance, friendship, and “it’s complicated,” it’s got you covered.

Immensely popular the city over, the company has also opened two other locations – Suika and Rajio.

If you’re no stranger to Izakaya you know just how overwhelming it can be to sit there and try to narrow down your food selections for two because when the menu is teeming with sumptuous dishes all drizzled in luscious dressings, how can anyone be expected to pick just four?

Because money doesn’t grow on Bonsai though, we managed to limit our selections.


Deep Fried Satsumaage; Tan Tan Noodles; Marinated Tuna Tataki

The arrival of the Marinated Tuna Tataki with its vibrant fresh colours was a joyous moment.  Plentiful amounts of sizeable tuna chunks oozing with a harmonious blend of mustard, tomato, onion, and ponzo jelly finished with savoury garlic chips and a zesty lemon tang.  Yes yes yes yes yes.

Kingyo’s Famous Invincible & Undefeated Tan Tan Noodles hit the spot tonight.  A nice contrast to the light fish, the velvety broth of pork bone and shrimp, sesame, miso, and chili was neither too overpowering or spicy.  Just one bite into their chewy noodle was all it took – it was love at first strand.

But as in life, what goes up must come down.  And down we came with the arrival of our Deep Fried Satsumaage.  Takoyaki style seafood balls with blue cheese, okonomi sauce, and bonito flakes, these were a lacklustre choice.  Too dry on both the inside and out, this dish could have definitely benefited from additional okonomi sauce.

Maybe it was our fault, maybe it was theirs, the point isn’t to place blame.  Yes, it took some time to move on, but with the help of our Duck and Spicy Codroe Okoge, we overcame the odds.


What a beaut.  Crispy rice, tofu, and raw duck sit in a bowl waiting to feel the warm loving touch of the thick soy sauce.  As soon as that sauce hits bowl, it’s a steamy affair of intermingling flavours and scents complete with the sweet sound of bubbling that is like music to my ears.

A proper dinner is never complete without dessert and Kyoto Style Green Tea Creme Brûlée sealed the deal tonight.



Served frozen, the crunchy crust protecting the intense yet nicely balanced matcha ice cream was the perfect way to end a meal.

I know what you’re thinking – we should just get a room already.  And you’re probably right, so would I return?

Indubitably.  Bento boxes, sashimi, sushi – there’s still so much I’ve yet to learn.

Most dishes range from $7-$11 so dinner for two can be on the pricier side, coming in at $36 per person for us tonight.  Sometimes though, life is just about letting your hair down by sharing a good story, drinks, and some izakaya with a friend.

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