I Can’t Quit You (Bella Gelateria)

No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try, this is one drug I cannot quit.

Never mind that one scoop will potentially run you the same price as an 8 ball, never mind that I will likely have to forego my next three meals, and never mind that the line-up extends out the door and around the bend, because once I get that itch, there’s no turning back.

Buko Pandan and Lemon Sorbet were our poisons tonight at Bella Gelateria

Frustration.  Alarm.  Overwhelming anxiety.  All words that may be used to describe one’s experience while waiting in a line that seems to move at the pace of something close to nothing.

Because the payoff is worth it and because I want everyone to be prepared, I’m about to share the tips that got me through this wild ride I like to call the gelato line.

Have the flavour you think you want ready in your mind.  Remember to keep an open mind, but take it seriously because we all know there is no business more serious than gelato business.

If with company, take alternate reconnaissance missions into the tiny shop to scope out the scene.  If not with company, congratulations on ditching the dead weight, firstly, and secondly, the lengthy list of fresh and innovative flavours can be found on their website.


Lemon Sorbet and Buko Pandan

Once you have your numero uno selection in mind, think of three other flavours that have been teasing you.  There is a three flavour sample limit and you’re going to want to make sure you maximize on this because there is no worse decision than making the wrong gelato decision.

To cone or not to cone?  A toughie no doubt, but did you know they pack a considerable amount more in when you opt for the waffle?  Costlier yes, but the world never seems quite right when you’re eating your frozen treat without a cone.  Admittedly, the cones here are nothing special and are slightly dry, but priorities people, priorities.

Truth be told, this whole process takes me about twenty minutes so by the time I’ve completed it, I’m ready to order and pay. And since we’re talking truths now anyway, I almost never end up ordering any of the other three teaser flavours.

I guess the heart just wants what it wants.

A considerable dent in my wallet later, would I return?

Even at $7 for a scoop and cone, there is no denying Bella.  As much as I try, there is no beating those soft luscious folds of gelato with their bold flavours and perfect balance of sweetness.

With each trip, Maestro James has you believing you’ve been around the world with offerings like Buko Pandan, Black Sesame, Match Green Tea, Italian Honey Nougat, Thai Coconut Milk – stop me now because the list goes on.

And with each taste, you know that this Maestro truly is a master of his art.

Bella Gelateria Handcrafted Gelato on Urbanspoon

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