Ra Ra Rue (Rue 909 Sushi)

Three cheers for late lunches.  Three cheers for complimentary miso soup.  Three cheers for black rice sushi.


Two pm on a Friday afternoon must be Rue’s Golden Hour because the sun was shining strong for me that day as I slipped underground to find myself in an eerily abandoned restaurant.

Between the hours of 11am-2pm, Rue is a madhouse overflowing with a frenzied downtown lunch crowd itching to satisfy their fish craving.  With the exception of one other diner, an unnatural scene lay before me as I realized I had Rue cornered and alone.

If cornered and alone is wrong, I don’t want to be right because when gratuitous miso soup is on the table, there’s no time for  jokes.


Heartwarming with seaweed, tofu, and diakon, it’s hard to stay mad at life with a bowl of miso cradled between your hands.  Normally $1.50, on the house miso soup has a way of nourishing the soul like nothing else.

Alongside white riced sushi, Rue 909 also offers up trendy grain alternatives like black and brown rice.  Let’s be honest – yes, my Spicy Salmon Roll and Salmon and Toro Nigiri appear to be served on some sort of intriguing mixture of dirt and pebbles, but when you tell me that dirt mixture is both fibrous and packed with antioxidants, well we’ve got a real love connection here.

There are not many who take fibre and antioxidant content as serious as the Asians so when we hear that we can pack this into our diet through our sushi intake, it’s going down.

Not quite the same fluffy, smooth consistency of white rice, my spicy salmon roll still manages to be surprisingly easy on the palate.  Soft and with a fiery kick, this is a decent roll for a tiny sushi destination that caters to the twenty minute lunch crowds.

While a far cry from remarkable, the salmon and toro nigiri still manages to be a modest option, exactly the type of sushi I come to expect from a place like Rue.  Not particularly fresh, the salmon and tuna at least didn’t have that overly mushy fishy taste that can only be the sign of bad things to come.


In addition to the basic rolls, this tiny bistro has gone a similar route as many a Vancouver sushi joint, and also serves specialty rolls.  Their Dragon Roll, complete with crab, avocado, and bbq eel and then drizzled with a bounty of creamy, savoury, and sweet sauces, is a lovely sight to behold.

At the heart of this dragon essentially lies a basic California roll topped with soft slices bbq eel but when it’s rolling around in a vat of about four different sauces, you won’t hear me complaining.

To make it through the work week all the way to Friday is an act of bravery and heroism that grants any individual the peace  to enjoy their inauthentic dressing saturated rice roll free from fear of judgment or harassment.  So it is written so it shall be done.

Would I return to Rue?

Oh yes.  Decent quality, conveniently located in Downtown Vancouver, and priced competitively with basic rolls at around $4-$6, specialty rolls coming in around $10, and boxed lunch combos ranging from $9-$13, it’s just logic.  Rue, Ra Ra Ra!

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