Let’s Get Ritzy (St. Regis Bar and Grill)

And what better way to get ritzy than to have your cheesy nachos served to you on a gleaming silver plate.

ritzy nachosLike any self-respecting individual, I found myself sitting at St. Regis Bar and Grill in the middle of a Monday afternoon, pint of Carlsberg in one hand, and other at the nacho grabbing ready .  Still on the hunt for the best nachos, I’ve found myself a strong contender here.  Dare I say it?

I dare.  I might even have found the best contender yet.

I realize it’s a bit premature to be making a statement as bold as this, but sometimes when your gut tells you something, you’ve really no choice but to sit up, focus, and pay your nachos the respect it deserves.

Premature as it is, this will have marked the third time I have sat down to nachos in one week.  Three. times.

Do you know what that kind of thing can do to a person?  The struggle, well it is real people.  And let me tell you what else is real – cheese sweats.  If I didn’t know it before, well I definitely know it now.  But for the love of life, food, and art, the show must go on.

As soon as that glistening halo of tortilla landed before me, the mingling cheese, tomato, green onion, jalapeño aromas immediately wafted through my nostrils straight into my soul.  Glorious.

How does St. Reeg hold up against our stringent nacho criteria?

Size – It’s weakest feature, they were enough to feel two people as a meal but for a group of more than that and at $21, is disappointing.  7/10

Chip – Light and crunchy, but slightly oily.  8/10

Toppings – Colourful, fresh and plentiful.  Cheese.  Cheese.  Cheese.  Nice chunks of tomato, olives, jalapeños, green onions, grilled chicken, and cheese.  Green onions were sliced a bit big for my liking and the chicken, on the dry side, would have been improved if marinated.  I’ll likely save my $4 next time and skip the poulet.  8/10

ritzy nacho3

Layering – Jackpot.  Best layering.  Top notch.  At some points, there was actually only cheese upon cheese upon cheese, all melted to the perfect consistency.  Everything was evenly distributed, these chips were the mark of true craftsmanship.  9.89/10

Condiments – Interesting.  Very interesting.  Sour cream was standard, guac was gold with its tomatoes and refreshing zest, but the salsa with its simultaneously watery and solid texture caused slight confusion.  The large chunks of veg reminiscent of kimchi with a spicy kick definitely had me thrown for a second, but it was nothing a few cheese smothered chips couldn’t fix.  8/10

With a final score of 8.18 out of 10, would I return?

In a heartbeat.  Small, but solid.  And oh but the layers, so many layers.

One cannot underestimate the sheer power and influence of effective layering.  St. Reeg, I may have been experiencing massive cheese sweats when I encountered you, but I’m so glad I did because I can tell you and I are going to be together for a long, long time.

ritzy nacho2

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