Danger, Doubt, and Dumplings

Whalley, Surrey – undoubtedly no stranger to danger, but who knew it was also the home to a few pretty decent dumplings.  Home to playgrounds of syringes, violent crime, and gang shootings yes, but we all sure learned something new this past Sunday at early morning dim sum.

Fear not my comrades, because if you ever find yourself stranded in Surrey with an intense yearning for some dim sum, King Do is your man.

As one might expect in Surrey, King Do is styled in a fashion that is most aptly described as China Tacky.  From the cold tile floors and pseudo sophisticated nature paintings, right down to the massive multicoloured pom poms perched at the doorway, it manages to be both sparsely adorned and garish at the same time, much to the glee of many an old asian lady.

Much to the glee of this old asian lady though, I knew King Do was sure to be a hit when the friendly servers (a rare, almost non-existent facet of Asian dining), brought each of us our own hot sauce serving.

Hot Sauce Paradise

Hot Sauce Paradise

I had myself a one way ticket to Hot Sauce Paradise and you can bet your bottom shrimp dumpling I lived it up because I, and I think we can all agree, that dim sum is nothing without a generous smearing of that spicy red goo.


The arrival of our stir fried beef rice noodles also signalled an omen of good things to come.  Not normally a big fan of this dish,  our noo noos, well flavoured and perfectly oily, were scattered with a generous amount of juicy beef slices and fried to a lovely golden brown.  I did not hate it.

Dumpling Haven

Dumpling Haven

That giggly young Asian girl we all have buried deep within us leapt  with joy when the hai gow, siu mai, and scallop dumplings sailed its way onto the table.  Savoury, succulent, and plump, there’s something strangely satisfying about taking a huge chunk out of a meaty morsel and these little balls of meat definitely satisfied.

Shrimp and scallop dumplings were tasty and while the siu mai could have had just a dash more flavour, everything else about it was so well done, it was hardly noticeable.  And once you’ve smeared that hot sauce – quality.

king do



Meat talk.  Like any self-respecting Asian that wishes to bring honour to their ancestors, we ordered spareribs and beef balls.  My spareribs came just the way I like em’ – fatty, oily and drenched in sauce that is really just delicious liquified fat.

Large and in charge, like myself, our beef balls were nice round and moisty.

Hot sauce and MSG induced coma later, would I return?

At just under $35 for four, what choice does King leave me with?  And when you’re in Surrey where getting your hands on dim sum is harder to get than crack cocaine, it’s no contest – King reigns supreme.


King Do Restaurant 京都海鲜酒家 on Urbanspoon

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