Wing It (Mui Garden)

You’re gonna want to sit down here because I’m about to drop something big.  Tell me you’re ready for this because once I tell you, it’s gonna revolutionize the way you ever thought about the most sacred part of chicken.

mui mui 5

Golden Nuggets of Happiness

That’s right – I’m talking about the chicken wing.  How many times have you been out to a restaurant with nothing but only the most intense craving for a good old fashioned wing, only to be disappointed by the arrival of a tiny, shrivelled piece of leather? Boy, have I been there. Rest assured, wings at Mui Garden are none of these things.  No stranger to their award winning curry, these meaty mounds have got to be without a doubt their greatest kept secret because it’s unbelievable to me that I haven’t tasted one until this past week.

Trust me when I say no simple feat – these juicy morsels easily fall into my list of top two chicken wings of all time.  I won’t waste my time on a subpar wing so when you see me reaching for my sixth wing, we’ve got a situation.

Fried to a perfect crisp, these massive golden nuggets were coated with the most tasty of batters – infinitely better than deadbeat chicken houses Churches or Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The wings aren’t the only gems at Mui Garden.  Better known for their curry, their beef brisket and fish curries have always been the main attraction for me in the past.  A thick silky blend of coconut milk curry brimming with either plump chunks of brisket or deep fried fish, this dish is absolutely unlike any other curry dish you’ve tried.  Simultaneously savoury and sweet, when generously drizzled over their flavoured rice – it is 300% unbeatable.

mui mui 6mui  mui7

Lucky for Mui Garden, the supreme strength of their wings and curry is enough is essentially enough to let them get away with murder because this is where my frenzied adoration ends.  While far from terrible, the remaining dishes of fish cakes, eggplant with shredded pork, deep fried bean curd sticks, and deep fried pork cutlets are nothing to write home about.

On the greasy side, the fish cakes had a slightly off-putting taste that I do not wish to revisit while the eggplant was bizarre in it’s sweet flavour – a component of this dish I’m not accustomed to.

Fish Cakes

Fish Cakes

Eggplant with Shredded Pork

Eggplant with Shredded Pork

Bean Curd

Bean Curd











At $19 for 25, wings, these chickens ain’t cheap, but you know what ?  Worth it.  Averagely priced, most dishes here range from $8-$12.

Based on wing and curry strength, would I return?

Mui Garden, Muy Bieno.

Even if everything else on their menu tasted like week old trash that’s been marinating in a vat of raw sewage for the past month, I would be back for their wings and curry. I might not choose to eat in the physical restaurant, but you can bet your bottom dollar I would take buckets of chicken and curry home to eat alone in my room.

In fact, and I’m about to drop another pro-tip, you should probably just choose to do that anyway because the actual restaurant has a tendency to be grim, grubby, and cold.  Solve this easily by opting to eat your wings at home in your underwear like I do.

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