Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover (The Pint)

You never know when you might be missing out on homemade tomato soup with fat juicy steaks and tots for under $20.  If I just walked right on by The Pint on Saturday afternoon like I  had wanted to –  and like I want to every time I walk by – I would have missed out on the most valuable meal I’ve had all month at least.

The former site of my long lost love, Honey, a club where many a good time was had in my troubled youth, The Pint has always been a stark reminder of what is no longer present in my life.

Truth be told, I’ve never understood why the lines for this pub never fail to extend around the building every Friday and Saturday night or why it’s busy in there at all.  With an exterior that suggests the building might be the home of The Fight Club in a neighbourhood of unsavoury characters, can you really blame me? However, after lunch this past Saturday, I get it okay? The Pint2 First of all – tators.  Can we all just take a moment right here to reflect on the beauty and joy that are tator tots?  These golden gems don’t get nearly enough credit and when I saw the mini mound of them heaped next to a fat juicy steak with scrambled eggs all assembled neatly under two triangles of toast, I knew it was time to eat my own words.

All for only $10, this meal was a real steal.  While that steak might look small, don’t underestimate it’s girth.  Well seasoned and perfectly cooked to medium rare, this chunk of meat is definitely what you want to have rolling around in your mouth on a sunny Vancouver afternoon.

The Pint4

Homemade tomato soup with the grilled cheese sandwich was my ticket today.  A vibrant red, my tomato soup arrived fresh and tangy with a lovely puréed consistency.

The Pint

The simple grilled cheese arrived with a thin layer of real cheddar  and at $4 for the add on, was exactly what I expected.  My only complaint – the spoon.  I’m about to sound obsessive compulsive and just plain ridiculous, but a good soup deserves a good spoon. The Pint3 Life is too short to be drinking soup with subpar spoons that don’t cradle properly in your hand and if I could change one thing about this otherwise delightful lunch, it would be the spoon.

Spoons aside, would I return? I knew my answer long before but when they offered to take 20% off our bill just for answering a couple of questions, bringing our bill to a whopping $16.80 for two people, I knew for sure.  Even if I have to wade through the questionable crowds and unsavoury characters, and pack heat in the form of protection, it’s worth it.

the pint5

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