Cheeseboiger Cheeseboiger Cheeseboiger No Pepsi Coke (Hamburger 2.85)

What’s a girl to do when it’s half past two on a tuesday afternoon in sunny Downtown Vancouver and all she’s had all day in the way of sustenance is a single banana.  Desperate times call for desperate measures and if I have to eat street meat, don’t think I won’t.


Lucky for this city slicker, the extreme proliferation of food trucks in Vancouver over the past few years has meant that street meat has definitely become the place to be.  And as fate would have it, just as hunger was about to bring me to my knees, I stumbled my way smack dab into this sign.

$2.85 Hamburger?  $3.50 Cheeseburger?  Sold.

If you’re a person with eyes in Vancouver, you’ve likely known about this food truck for months now.  I know I have so it was a no brainer for me.

“Gimme cheeseburger.”


Hovering close to the window for fear of missing my burger, I’m overjoyed when my patty sails through the window towards me a few moments later.


Keep It Simple Stupid.  Boy do they but oh what impact.  A slice of cheese melted over a patty, tomato slice, wad of lettuce, mayo, and teriyaki sauce all stuffed into a fluffy yet sturdy bun.

“Smush it,” he says as he hands it over.

I nod solemnly breathing in his wisdom.

Before smushing, I take the opportunity to add ketchup and mustard because if there’s an opportunity to ruin something simple with additional condiments, I will seize it.

The lettuce and tomato almost make the seemingly simple burger too bulky for mouth maneuvering but no matter – I destroy and conquer.

Would I return?

For $3.50, you bet your lifesavers.  The Sweet slightly tangy mingling of the teri-mayo and beef combined with the refreshing crunch of lettuce and tomato give this street meat big game and I will never run from a game of street meat.  Never.

Hamburger $2.85 on Urbanspoon

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