Ladies who Hash (Showcase Restaurant and Bar)

Ladies who Hash know when they’ve encountered a good hash.  They have a fondness for potatoes that extends beyond the normal boundaries of what it is to enjoy plant tubers and when an encounter like this happens, it can be uncomfortable for everyone involved.

These particular two Ladies who Hash had such an encounter  when they visited Showcase Restaurant and Bar at the Vancouver Marriot Pinnacle for birthday brunch.

I have a confession to make – a confession of the creepy variety.  Every morning on my way to work, I peer through the windows into the bustling Showcase restaurant to see happy travellers and successful professionals dressed to the nines huddled over their fancy hotel meals laughing, meeting, and talking shop all to the tune of warm hearty breakfasts.

Jealous adoration (also creepy) is probably the most apt description of this.  My longing gaze always lingers at each of the diners a little too long for comfort – I know this because of the confused often startled looks I elicit in return.  Bearing this in mind, it seemed only fitting that birthday brunch with my sister should be held at the recipient establishment of creepiness.

Strolling in at that perfect time on a weekday just as they are changing over from breakfast to lunch service, we manage to hit them at a quiet point.  Feeling as if we have the entire restaurant to ourselves, this only lends itself further to that regal birthday brunch setting everyone deserves.

Birthday brunches call for only the most lavish and decadent of meals so naturally that means where hollandaise is concerned – more is always better.  If lavish and decadent are the name of the game today, the cajun prawn hash seemed the obvious choice.

Ladies who Hash2

With two poached eggs, prawns, tomatoes, scallions, basil, hash browns, and hollandaise, this dish is a festive delight for the eyes.  The egg, perfectly poached, oozed silkily throughout the dish mixing well with the tasty prawns and the hash browns.  And the fact that prawns are used instead of a more filling meat lends itself to the illusion that this meal constitutes clean eating.

Don’t even get me started on the hash browns because I could go on about them for days.  Days.

Two words – shoe string.  There’s something just a little bit nostalgic and magical about shoe string hash browns.  A cozy reminder of diner breakfasts of old, I was surprised to see a slightly more upscale restaurant like Showcase serving breakfast potatoes like this.  With so many brunch places around town these days serving their hash sizeably chunked, it was such a treat to get shoe strings because sometimes all you need is a little less potato with a lot more butter.

This hash has got to be the best hash I’ve had in I don’t even remember.  They managed to be smothered in delicious butter, thoroughly crispy on the outside, and wonderfully fluffy on the inside.

The basil and tomatoes were a refreshing addition though the scallions I could have gone without.  I’m about to sound large and in charge here but even with all rich hollandaise, creamy yolk, and buttery hash, I found myself yearning for a smidgen of bread with my meal.  Luckily for this birthday girl, a certain sister was there to save the day with her All Canadian Breakfast.

A simple and classic meal, her breakfast came with two eggs, hash browns, bacon, and enough toast for me to pilfer (which I did).

Ladies who Hash

Accompanied by two mugs of tea, this unassuming birthday brunch was nothing short of a success so when faced with the question, “Would I return?”, the answer is obvious.


As a hotel restaurant, the prices are a bit higher with my hash coming in at $18 and the Canadian brekky at $17, but you don’t just find the best hash you’ve had in possibly ever and walk away never to return.  No.  Instead, you commit to it, shower it with love, and return to it on every foreseeable cheat day for the next eight to ten months.

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