“Sometimes, All You Need is a Steaming Bowl of $20 Ramen” (Shoryu Ramen)

…Said nobody. Ever.  But life has a funny way of taking you to places you’d never believe and that’s how I found myself pleasantly surprised and shovelling $20 noodles into my mouth at Shoryu Ramen just off of one of London’s most famous fashion streets.



Did I enjoy paying $20 Canadian dollars for my ramen?  No, I cannot say that I did, but when you’re in a foreign land where the first language, Queen, and climate are the same as your own, you do what it takes to survive.  And if that means eating overpriced ramen that is just a little too close to the consistency of both instant noodles and gum – then so be it.


Admittedly, when you come from a city where the Chinatown has migrated and taken over a complete other city, you become just a tad spoiled where Asian food is concerned.  If I’m being truthful, although a far cry from Vancouver’s standards, these noodles were not terrible.  With a velvety pork broth, half a marinated egg, mushrooms, and nori, these noodles were definitely the thing to hit the spot after getting lost all afternoon in a city as smoggy as London.

A note of caution – diners looking for a basic and simple yet delicious as well as visually appealing meal may want to avoid ordering the Original Tonkotsu.  Served with only three ingredients – bbq pork, mushrooms, and spring onions, its arrival has a somewhat disappointing effect, only made especially obvious when eaten directly beside one of the specialty ramen bowls.

Where Shoryu takes the cake, and where London always seems to take the cake, is its trendy, chic, almost over the top (in only the greatest and most magical of ways) ambience.



The  spacious outdoor patio, glass windowed cavernous dining area, large tables, long noodle bar and clean lines all make you think you’ve stepped out of busy, dirty London into a unique slightly exotic dining experience that almost makes you forget you’re paying more than what you make in an hour for a bowl of noodles.

Pricey as it is at 11 pound 90 for my meal, would I return to Shoryu?

In a city where good asian food seems to be an elusive concept, you bet your chopsticks I would.  Not everyday or anything since girl needs to pay her rent and live to eat another day, but for those special occasions where I happen to once again find myself in London hankering for a bowl of steaming noo noos, I’ll be all over Shoryu.  And with a plethora of other interesting menu items, I’m intrigued.



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