Date Night Don’t (Pacifico Pizzeria Ristorante)

Any night don’t really, but especially Date Night don’t.  And if you want to keep any semblance of romance alive or you have any desire to rekindle some kind of spark, especially especially don’t come here.  I suppose like any lesson worth learning, we had to learn this the hard way.

Unless soggy pasta drenched in creamy garlic soup and thin crust pizza that looks suspiciously similar to frozen Delissio is your jam, you likely won’t be rekindling any sort of spark (unless that spark is something close to raging anger) here at Pacifico.

Located in the centre of Downtown Vancouver at Smithe and Burrard, we stepped out of the rain and into Pacifico on a Thursday night to be greeted by a high ceilinged, two level restaurant.  Not terrible, but far from being my ideal venue for one of those elusive “Date Nights”, I still try to keep an open mind.  With two floors, large television screens, and loud club bangers blaring over the speakers, Pacifico has an odd noisy atmosphere for an Italian “ristorante.”

After being seated, the night starts out decently with the arrival of our first course.

photo 1-5


Hip Hip Hooray! Three cheers for Peroni!

But then the salad arrives, and things start going downhill from there.  Admittedly, I don’t have very high hopes or (standards) for classic garden salads, but their take on the insalata giardino is downright dismal with their measly blend of spinach and mixed greens and scant sprinkling of cucumber and tomato pieces tossed in a bland dressing of olive oil, garlic, and some pesto.

photo 2-4

Still trying to keep an open mind, I try to focus on the pizza and pasta we still have coming up.  Also.  Thank god for Peroni.

Our Farfalle de Mare and Sicilian pizza arrive next at the same time.  Upon first glance, the two dishes appear to be decent but as soon as I take my first scoop of pasta, it is like wading through a large bowl of  mushy soup noodles.  The farfalle is not only served with mussels, scallops, prawns, and mushrooms, but it is also swimming in a pool of watered-down garlic cream sauce.  As much as I love me a steaming bowl of soup noodles on a rainy night, an Italian Date Night it does not make.

photo 4


The Sicilian pizza arrived looking like it came straight out of a Delissio pizza box.  If I’m being perfectly honest. those pizzas actually don’t look terrible and they always seem to have a decent amount of colourful toppings on them, but call me crazy – if I’m paying $18 dollars a pop for one of these babies, they better look just a tad better than something I could have bought frozen for ten bucks capiche?

photo 3


Not terrible, not great – this pizza wasn’t the worst I’ve had, but it certainly wasn’t anywhere near the best.  Slightly more on the dry side, it could have used more sauce.  Lucky for Meg, she had all that creamy garlic soup leftover from her pasta to aid in pizza moisturization today.

After a couple of beers, salad, pizza, and pasta, would I return to Pacifico?

As friendly as the service might have been tonight, in a city where pizza and pasta is a plenty, my answer is a solid no.  Especially at prices like these, when we’re paying almost $80 for two people, you had at least better make sure my pasta’s not wet and my pizza’s not dry…and that date nights don’t end in disappointment and sadness by 8:30 pm.


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8 thoughts on “Date Night Don’t (Pacifico Pizzeria Ristorante)

  1. I agree with you. I too was not impressed by the pasta. I had gone at lunch time, the pasta came soggy and tasteless. No flavouring, just pasta sauce over cooked pasta (I prefer my pasta al dente, it was not.). A couple of my friends swear by the pizza, saying it is pretty great but I was not impressed and will also not be returning. Great post, thanks for sharing!

  2. oh my god! i just came here today for lunch and was reading the reviews, and just came across yours… if i saw your post i wouldn’t have came here… i’m sorry for your unfortunate date night =(

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