Sunday, Day of Taco (La Taqueria)

We all know every day is Day of Taco and that two tacos is never enough, so it beats me why I thought a two taco afternoon snack would be perfect.  Another rookie mistake, Meg.  Why have two tacos when you can have four?  Or five?  Or ten?

Feeling peckish after a long Sunday afternoon walk, we sneak our way into La Taqueria on Cambie ten minutes before their 6pm closing time.  Still patient and friendly despite that ever looming close time, they let us take our time deciding on our tacos as I’m sure they (and everybody in the world knows), taco decisions are serious business.


My first time at this location, it’s so lovely to be greeted by a nice large menu above the front counter listing all the delicious taco (or quesdilla) varieties in a handwritten print that just screams fun, quirky, and obviously mouthwatering.  After lingering for a couple minutes, it’s the Tinga de Pollo and Pescado for me and the Asada and Al Pastor for BoyToy.

Now it’s time for my most hated game of all time – the waiting game.  Lucky for me, La Taqueria’s small but bright and colourful interior makes for a great distraction.

From the wall of cola to my left, the array of salsas and pickled veg to my right, to the espanol jams filling the little restaurant, I imagine this to be exactly what Dirty Dancing Havana nights (Mexican edition) was like.  At any moment, I expected Javier to glide through the entrance, proclaim his love for me, and secretly teach me to dance the dance of passion during long steamy nights at La Rosa Negra nightclub so that we’ll steal the gold at the Latin Ballroom Contest.


In the end, that didn’t happen, but our tacos arrived just then which is really just like saying the same thing.

Beautiful, glorious tacos – these steaming babies came sailing towards us, filled to the brim with so many colourful and fresh ingredients that I could barely fold them over without spilling all over myself.  I regret nothing.  (FYI, La Taqueria also strives to use local, organic, and sustainable ingredients, so take another 1000 points my taco lover.)


Before tearing into my tacos, I made my voyage to the salsa stand where there stood not only verde, chipotle, a chile as well as habanero salsa waiting for me, but also a small selection of pickled veg and onions.  Upon BoyToy’s strict insistence, I am to inform that this pickled veg is not, I repeat not, to be overlooked.  (“Remember, be sure to say the pickled veg is fantastic, they can’t eat their tacos without it okay??”)

My chicken and chorizo taco smothered in a chipotle tomato sauce, Mexican cheese, and sour cream made for a great first taco and the creamy ingredients really hit my hunger pangs.  As chicken often tends to be though, the chicken itself was maybe just a tad bland and dry, but everything else a top it was so quality, it was barely noticeable.

My fish taco was the real winner for me today.  Grilled and topped with chipotle mayo, slaw, pepitas, radish, and finally my pickled onions, this taco was so tasty, light, and refreshing the second I finished it, I felt what could only be described as sadness, despair, and hopelessness.


When quizzed about the Asada and Al Pastor tacos, BoyToy, through a mouthful of meat, had this to inform: “Thish hash got to be the besht ashada I’ve ever had, sho much fravour and look at all the fresh ingredients! I want more.”

With a glowing review like that, would I return?

Faster than you can say, “dos cervezos por favour,” I know what my answer is: “Si, si, a million times si!”

Also, Foodie Pro-tip: Like their Facebook page to gain access to their secret word of the day thereby allowing you to gain access to a free fifth taco.  You heard me, I said free.  What are you waiting for?

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