Overhyped. Overpriced. Over It. (Yolk’s Restaurant and Commissary)

Canadian as I might be, hockey pucks are not something I enjoy with my Sunday morning eggs benny.  But hockey pucks are essentially what this Canadian gal got in place of english muffins this past weekend over at Yolk’s.

For months now, these egg sammys have basically been working this town into a mad frenzy so when I round the corner of East Hastings and Clark to see the hungry hordes waiting outside the little diner, I’m expecting nothing short of of an eggcellent experience.  (Yes, I went there.  I know, I’m sorry, I hate myself too.)

Having previously been the location of a steak house that more than likely was the scene of several grisly crimes (possibly murders), I was surprised to walk into a small restaurant that was definitely less grubby that I anticipated.  In fact, it even felt almost clean.

After being advised of a 30 minute wait, it’s something similar to a godsend of the twisted variety when that sweet sweet liar with the massive list of names seats us almost an hour later.  Sure, I might be so hungry I’m about to eat my own mother’s face off, but you know what, at least now we have a table.

The server drops off our menus at the speed of nothing and before he can escape, we just about maul him.

“We’re ready to order,” we practically bark at him.  “Don’t you dare leave or I will eat you.  I will litrally eat you,” are the only thoughts racing through my mind.

Two coffees, one earl grey tea, one chicken and waffles, two sides of lemon truffle hashbrowns, two double smoked bacon eggs bennys, and two daily specials – pork belly confit eggs bennies please and thank you.

photo 1-1

photo 2-1Beverages arrive first.  Earl grey tea is decent.  Coffee however, is sour, just not quite hot enough, and coming it at $3.25 plus $1 extra for each refill costs something like the price of gold.*

“That’s fine though I’m sure, it’s not like they’re known for their coffee anyway.  It can only go up from here,” I find myself feebly reassuring the table.

Twenty minutes, or three hours later (I’m not sure at this point because of the severe hunger pangs and hallucinations), our food makes its way onto our table.

Silence falls upon our table as our faces and food meet in what is sure to be the ghastliest scene since The Exorcist.  I stab eight potatoes and shovel them down in about 35 seconds.  I’m  so delirious at this point, I can’t even taste the food.  Quality comes second to survival I’m told.

photo 4-1

Once I’ve calmed down slightly, I notice the lemon zest on the hash.  The potats are sizeably chunked, but that zest combined with the truffle oil and  parmesan cheese dusting work to make this dish both overwhelming and underwhelming all at once.  There were so many heavy flavours going on in my hash I found I didn’t even want to eat them anymore, which is just eerie behaviour from me.**

We all enthusiastically go to cut into our eggs benny only to be greeted by the sound of knives scraping against rock.  That’s no rock though.  That’s right, that rock’s an english muffin.  My pork belly confit eggs benny is essentially being served to me on a crouton.  Listen, I’m a crouton girl and like I always say, “When in doubt, always add more crouton.”

But there is a time and there is a place for croutons.  And that time and that place is not on my sunday morning eggs benny, you dig?

Admittedly, everything else atop my crouton is done really well.  The egg is perfectly runny while the juicy pork belly mingling with the hollandaise, honey dijon mustard and spinach make for a deliciously warm experience in my mouth.  The bacon, egg, and hollandaise experience is also lovely.

To my surprise, the chicken and waffles, despite their unimpressive serving size (according to my father), stole the show this Sunday.  The fried chicken was tasty, crispy, and moist while the waffles were lightly crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.  And when they soak up that sweet maple syrup – quality.

photo 3-1

After months of anticipation and yearning, would I return?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, that gooey vision of my weekend runny egg is pretty much the only thing that gets me through my week.  But when I have to wait an hour to have my overpriced runny egg served atop a hockey puck, we have a problem.

As tasty as your ingredients are, if you can’t do something as simple as toast my english muffin to the state of edible, you better believe I’m not shelling out nearly $18 dollars a pop for my meal.  Especially not in a city where brunch is the jam and eggs benny are a plenty.



*Updated Edit: I’ve been advised that it is actually $3.25 for a bottomless cup of coffee and $2.25 for a to go cup with refills coming in at $1 each (which helps me sleep easier at night!), though the menu did not state this change at the time of dining.

**Updated Edit:  I’ve also been advised that that parmesan cheese dusting is in fact actually not parmesan cheese, but rather kosher salt – bad meg, sorry sorry sorry.


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5 thoughts on “Overhyped. Overpriced. Over It. (Yolk’s Restaurant and Commissary)

  1. You must have gone on a weekend, I have heard mixed reviews of this place during a weekend. But my husband and I went during a work day and our breakfast was perfect! I’m sorry to hear you had pucks for breaky and I understand the hunger pains. I would never wait that long for food! Have you tried Jethro’s on Fraser? I’d like to see you review this place 🙂 Great blog by the way!!!

    • Thanks Trisha! I can’t lie, I was pretty conflicted about my negative response to Yolk’s because the egg and pork belly were actually pretty decent. I just can’t risk going there again only to get hockey puck eggs once more.
      And funny that you mention Jethro’s, I haven’t tried it out yet but we were just talking about going there too while we were eating at Yolk’s. Hope you’ll keep reading and responding!

  2. We visited first on a weekend and then on a weekday. Service is a little better during the week. But having to pay refill for coffee when you spend this much on entrees makes it not really a brunch place at all in my view. I really think they are just gouging customers. And the seating isn’t very well placed.

    • Thanks for commenting David! You know, in my raging hunger, I didn’t really even consider the seating. I was just so happy to have a place to finally have a place to bury my face in food. Now that I think about it though, the seating is a bit odd. And those coffee prices…oh boy….

  3. Hahaa. I know, when you’re famished, your standards do sink a bit don’t they? Mine do!! Hey, I see the logic in paying for a refill of less than a 1.25 when you are just having coffee. But not with a pricey entree/meal. It just loses the entire appeal of having brunch out to me. Glad most places in Van do not do this sort of thing with their customers!!

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