Who Needs Bacon When You’ve got Beans? (The Foundation)

So that’s a lie.  Let’s be honest – bacon makes everything exponentially better.

But every time I eat at The Foundation, I’m always pleasantly surprised at just how much I like all the not bacon dishes.

A funky eatery on the odd bend at Kingsway and Main, The Foundation is a vegetarian restaurant for the cool cats in all of us.  That includes the Carnivorous Cool Cats and yes, even the arch nemesis of every hipster out there – the Mainstream Cool Cats.  Gasp.

Chilled out staff, dark mood lighting, rap music, and the writing on the walls are just a few of the things that make it feel like eating here is like gaining admittance to some secret and exclusive underground restaurant where the vibe is edgy and the food is veggie.  Sure, it’s a bit grubby, the chairs are prehistoric and the water glasses are questionable, but no one ever said cool didn’t come at a price.

You’d be a fool to come here and not get the nachos.  Their claim to fame, the Utopian Nachos are some of Vancouver’s most beloved nachos and I don’t think I’ve ever come here and said no to them.


Evenly smothered in delicious gobs of cheese, beans, corn and served with salsa, sour cream, and the optional guac, the small plate comes in at $12 and the large platter comes in at $18.  The portions are generous so when sharing as an appetizer, the smaller is ideal for 2-3 while the larger is a good bet for 4 or more.

When you’re with me though, the bigger the better and if you even think about sticking your finger one cm into my nacho radius, you will lose it.  Keep to your allotted space and everyone will leave with ten fingers intact.

I love these nachos (even without the bacon, or pulled pork, or short ribs) and always, without fail, I will continue eating long past the stage of full and right into the pain stage.  Again though, no one ever said cool didn’t come at a price.  The beans are oddly satisfying and add a fulfilling element while the corn adds a refreshing sweetness that helps in cutting the grease from the cheese.

Once I’ve had my fill of nachos and have successfully passed into the pain stage, it’s time for my main course!  A risk taker today, I opted for the Final Option – crazy veg curry with quinoa instead of rice.


Loaded with tons of of cauliflower, broccoli, chick peas, zucchini, and tofu then garnished with some thin shreds of pear, this crazy curry was packed with flavour.  Pow.  Both with a kick and a coconut-ty sweetness, I spent the rest of the night raving about my dish.   I then went home and tried to replicate it.  Of course, no dice.

On those lovely days when I’m feeling like a sad bloated seal and a lighter option might fare better for me, I’ll order the satay salad.


Tofu, broccoli, and corn on a bed of mixed greens and drizzled with a warm peanut sauce dressing, this salad manages to taste like a big fat warm hug from a personal trainer. It’s all very confusing but who really cares when delicious explosions are going off everywhere all over your tongue, you dig?

After having to roll out of the restaurant, would I return to Foundation?

Of course.  Now that I’ve had a taste of cool, I ain’t going back to mediocrity.  Cool has a price and if I have to eat my fat share of cheesy nachos,  tasty curry, and peanut sauce drenched veg to get there, I’ll do it.

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