Let’s Make a Burrito Baby (Sal y Limon)


I am obsessed with this burrito.  I don’t even care that I ate the whole thing, couldn’t breathe afterwards, and ended up having to waddle back to my car because I would do anything, sacrifice everything for the new love of my life.  Sal y Limon, I didn’t know what happiness was until you breezed into my life with your cheeky salt and lime flair tonight, but now that I’ve found you I’m never letting you go.


Unassuming yet authentic, Sal y Limon sits in that odd corner of Mount Pleasant at Kingsway and Fraser that you never quite think of going to.  A mecca for hipsters and “ironic” folk, this area is bubbling over these days with the trendiest eateries and is quickly becoming the hub to lub (you heard me, I lub burrito).

Even at 9pm on a Thursday night, this little joint is bustling with eager beavers looking to get their authentic mehico fix.  And what a fix.  The wait from the door to the till where you place your order to the pick up station is all worth it because once you bite into that burrito baby, you know this is what you’ve been waiting for your whole life.

There’s nothing worse than biting into a burrito that’s just a little too bland and just a tad dry or just a wee bit too rice-y.  You know what I’m talking about, we’ve all been there.  Nothing like a lacklustre burrito to ruin your day, but not at Sal y Limon.  Image

Sal y Limon where burrito dreams are made.  Where burritos are stuffed to the brim with a perfect almost buttery blend of rice, lettuce, beans, tomatoes, sauce, and meat.  Where with each bite you not only taste all of that at once, but also where with each bite, your burrito weaves a story.  A story of love, hope, and happiness – a story where an ordinary person’s dream can come true.

Tonight it was the al pastor burrito for me and the carne asada con queso burrito for BoyToy.  The sweetness of the pineapple with my tender marinated pork was like a refreshing tropical yet savoury vacation in my mouth while the satisfying chunks of grilled beef and cheese in BoyToy’s burrito were “simply a carnal delight.”


And don’t even get me started on their vast array of sauces that would tickle the senses of any sauce hoarder.  Chunky salsa, avocado, peanut, tree chili, chipotle, diablo, chef’s special, jalapeño sauce you name it – they got it.

As mind-blowing as their burritos are, Sal y Limon doesn’t just stop there.  They’ve also got your tacos, quesadilla, tortas, taquitos, soup, rice, and art.  Wait, what?

That’s right – art.  Sal y Limon features the art of Mexican artists on their walls and in such a vibrant and burgeoning area of Vancouver, this quirky concept makes a lot of sense.

Serving up some art with my burrito, would I return?

With a 300% chance of my having steamy dreams about Al Pastor tonight, there is a 0% chance I would not return.  And even at a slightly more hefty price tag of about $26 for a fast food dinner for two – worth it so worth it.

Sal Y Limon on Urbanspoon

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