First Rate First Date (Six Acres)

I’ve never been the kind of girl that’s been able to hoodwink men into taking me on proper first dates in a proper establishment where food and beverage are served in proper glassware, but I often like to think that if I had been that kind of girl, Six Acres is one such proper establishment where many a first date would take place.

Nestled in Gastown in one of Vancouver’s oldest brick buildings between other tiny restaurants, Six Acres is an intimate and cozy bar that should be added to any successful “Get Lucky Date Night” repertoire.  Fun menus bound in old novel covers, quirky audio commentary  in the washrooms, and mood lighting are what make this little two story restaurant just the perfect amount of charming for any first date.

Add to their lovely array of mouthwatering food items the extensive selection of beer, wine, and spirits – well you’ve got yourselves some tough decisions ahead of you.   With options like mussels, poutine, gorgonzola hot pot, and grilled beef short ribs, it’s a struggle to pick only one.  Which is why you should just pick six.

And for those actually on a first date – fear not.  Six Acres also features lighter fare items that are less likely to leave gobs of delicious creamy goodness or meat remnant on your face and limbs.  And with food and bevy decently priced for such a prime location, this is a no brainer.

Birthday drinks for a friend brought me here this past Friday and admittedly, it’s probably not the most ideal setting for a group gathering as it’s so tiny.  Luckily, the friendly server and nice selection of beers made up for the tiny space.  Not knowing much about beer, except probably for the fact that I have a fondness for the Belgian variety, it was good to see I had about nine to choose from.

Laffe Abbey Blonde was my girl tonight.  Naturally, any beer advertising blondes and I’m there.

After waging a small battle in my head about the food, I finally settled on the chicken salad.  Let’s be honest.  Since I wasn’t on any first date this evening, I probably should have opted for the massive mound of poutine or the amazing gorgonzola cheese pot that I started longingly (and jealously) after the remainder of the night, but still – no regrets.


This salad was even more pleasant than I had been expecting.  With chicken breast, bacon, soft crumbly feta, tomatoes, avocados, and mixed greens tossed in a honey balsamic vinaigrette, it was like a warm party in my mouth that I was sad to see end.

A salad so delightful that I have to ask not will but when will I return?

For the sake of my sanity, I hope the answer to that questions lies within the next ten hours because if I have to go much longer without warm crusty bread smothered in oozy gooey gorgonzola in my belly, I just might not make it through another day.

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