I Like It Down Under (Moose’s Down Under)

Nothing screams authentically Australian like an underground pub, vegemite sangers, and real live Australian accents amiright?!  Moose’s Down Under definitely knows how to satisfy then when it comes to nailing these three crucial points.


With Australian paraphernalia adorning the walls of the massive space, its friendly and laid-back atmosphere,  and all the Australian grub and beers, stepping down into Moose’s has got to be a lot like stepping into a land down under.  Men At Work (on loop) is probably the only thing that could have completed this experience.  Oh and lamingtons.  And maybe tim tams.  (Name every Australian thing I know is the name of the game today.)

Conveniently located in the heart of Vancouver’s business district, the friendly and fast service makes this fun pub the perfect workday lunch break.  It also makes the perfect place to hold Sister Chu’s birthday lunch celebration.  (Incidentally, I also like to call this Operation Score Free Lunch from Mama Chu, always a favourite mission of mine.)

Soups, salads, burgers, sangers, pastas, pizzas, pub grub – this place has everything.

Craving a sammich today, I order the Reuben sanger though the word on the street is the chicken strips and fries at Moose’s are where it’s at.  Not to fear though, Sister and Mama Chu’s orders of chicken strips saved me from having to make that tortuous decision.  (“You have to let me taste your chicken strips and fries.  You have to, in the name of my blog and for the love of food and all things good, you must give me your lunch.”)


Originally apprehensive about coming to Moose’s, I’m pleasantly surprised when I get my sanger and salad.  Loaded with a good amount of meat, swiss, and sauerkraut, my reuben turns out to be pretty tasty.  A bit more kick or sweetness to the sauce might have been nice, but I’m still leaving a satisfied customer.

The generous serving of chicken strips and fries also come with a salad (“See ma, it’s healthy!”) and while I’m not a big fan of mealy chicken strip coatings like the type they have here,  I definitely would not say no to eating one or ten of these babies.  And when drenched in that honey mustard sauce, don’t even get me started.  In fact, it’s probably best if you just back away.  Slowly.


And as always, let’s talk fry.  I won’t lie to you, I probably spent a good three whole minutes raving about these fries.  It was not until the two minute mark that I finally elicited a massive eye roll from Sister Chu, at which point, I kept going.  Well seasoned, these fries were both perfectly soft  and crispy just when you needed them to be.

Cries of, “Meaghan, it’s just a fry,” went largely ignored in my haste to eat them all.

After polishing off my entire lunch (and probably the majority of the other two), would I return?

Ahhhh, YER.  Though slightly on the pricier side for an average workday lunch at about $10-$12 a meal, Moose’s has made a repeat customer out of me, fair dinkum.

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