Fatally Flawed Fish (Sushi California)

So fatal in fact, that for the first 24 hours after my meal at Sushi California, death by fish was a real concern of mine.  It seems we’re in the clear though as it hasn’t yet resulted in my death, but let’s just say I’d still be uncomfortable feeding the “food” they served me on Friday night to my dog.


A staunch supporter of cheap inauthentic sushi smothered in excessive amounts of various sauces, Sushi California should be a sure thing for me.  But even my feeble pleas of, “But it’s so cheeeap,” are rendered unconvincing after Friday nights disaster, and there comes a time when enough is enough.

At some point, I have to be strong and say, “No more, I’m better than that.”  Like all crossroads we encounter in life, it’s a tough call to make but after that pitiful excuse for a dinner they served me, I can no longer throw my support behind them.

Arriving half an hour before closing, we are forced to order almost immediately.  After practically begging for just a minute to decide, we are refused this common courtesy because “it’s last call.”  Rather, we are treated to a tortuous three minute exchange in which our less than friendly server stands in my personal bubble waiting for me to stammer our order in a hurried panic.


Naturally, the first dish to arrive is the miso soup.  Surprisingly tasty with a smooth texture, our soup came completely devoid of seaweed or tofu.  If not for seaweed or tofu, what, pray tell, is my hard earned $1.25 going towards?

Thinking the remaining items might salvage our meal, I am rudely awakened by the arrival of our Alaska and Double Spicy Tuna Roll, as well as the salmon sashimi.

Slightly put off by the sight of what appears to be vomit laced miso sauce dumped haphazardly over the Alaska Roll, I tentatively go to pick up a piece – only to have it fall apart between my chopsticks.  Minus the spicy factor in the tuna roll, the two rolls are virtually indistinguishable.

Both excessively rice-y and mushy, sloppily assembled, as well as served with disappointing amounts of off-coloured sashimi, the rolls also managed to leave a funny after-taste in my mouth.

Unhappy with the amount of sashimi included in my sushi, I figured not to fear.  At least the salmon sashimi will make up for that.

ImageNow if only the salmon sashimi wasn’t already starting to degrade before my very eyes.  A bizarre situation, my raw fish managed to be mushy, tough, and stringy all at once.  Admittedly, I’ve been known to appreciate a bit of chewy texture to my food, but when my sashimi fights back and is mushy, it’s cause for my concern.  And let’s not forget about that lingering flavour at the end…

After such an enchanting experience, I have to look deep within when faced with the question:  Would I return?

No no no no no.  Even the bright and clean interior won’t dissuade me.  Nor will the inexpensive menu.  Two can dine for $22 isn’t terrible, but  I’ve made excuses for you long enough Sushi California.  If I don’t blacklist you now, you’ll never learn or grow.  Until then, I’ll take my business elsewhere.

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