It’s Never Too Late To Become a Football Fan (Tap and Barrel)

I’m not a football fan, but after today’s excitement at Tap and Barrel in Olympic Village, I may have to reconsider.  The back to back games between the Patriots and the Broncos and then between the Seahawks and the 49ers are what dragged me out today but an hour into the game and two beers in, my reluctance turned into something more like enthusiasm.

What does a good sports bar make you might ask.  After spending an entire afternoon surrounded by boisterous football fans and sitting next to BoyToy listening in on his budding bromance with his BFF, I feel fairly confident in saying bacon chips and fried pickles play key roles.


A shot of tequila, two beers, and one and a half glasses of wine later, I was more than ecstatic to see these golden panko covered fried pickle slices make their way onto the bar in front of me.  Thicker pieces rather than thinly sliced would have been appreciated, but served with a white T & B dill sauce, these steaming pickles still managed to hit the spot.


Let’s talk bacon.  Can bacon do wrong?  It appears the answer is a negative because within two minutes of landing, these babies flew off the skillet.  Though nothing sensational, they were cooked just the way I like.  The bacon was neither too crisp nor too soft and the home made catsup was a refreshing addition to the greasy snack.  As always however, when it comes to bacon, more is always better and at $5 a skillet, more bacon is definitely the answer.

Fried food and plenty of beer and wine choices top the list of any decent sports bar but without the patrons and multiple televisions, you’ve got nothing.  With televisions close enough to see without having to squint and sound set at the perfect volume, Tap and Barrel just keeps nailing it.  Friendly bartenders, lively patrons, fun heckling, and a view – can T & B do any wrong?

Again, it appears the answer is a negative.  So, would I return?

After practically inciting a riot with BoyToy’s distaste for the Seahawks and essentially being heckled out of the bar, the answer is a resounding yes.  Super Bowl’s approaching and this gal’s still got a lot to learn if she wants to become football’s number one fan.

Tap & Barrel on Urbanspoon

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