Does Anybody Actually Order Food Here? (Moxie’s Classic Grill)

“The white chocolate brownie, the white chocolate brownie.  You’ve got to try the white chocolate brownie.”

“That white chocolate brownie is life changing.”

This white chocolate brownie is all I ever hear about when it comes to Moxie’s and last night, I finally got my hands on one of these babies.


Life changing?  Not a chance.  Sour?  Yes.  Wait, what?  Like me, you might be wondering what business my brownie has being sour.  The answer should be none at all, but sometimes, life hands you sour brownies.  It’s what you do with them that matters.  A testament to dedication, perseverance, and commitment to my core values, I ate mine.

At around $8, this dessert was enough to feed both BoyToy and I with leftovers remaining.  Warm and smothered in ice cream and whip then topped with chocolate drizzle, the mere sight of the brownie was enough to light up my day.  Sadly, three bites in, my hopes were dashed at the realization of pungent all over my tongue.

With sour brownies for dessert, it sure makes me wonder what the rest of the actual food is like on the menu.  Despite the notoriety of the white chocolate brownie, I’m sure people do actually order food items at Moxie’s but the question is, would I return to try them out?

I’m sorry Moxie’s, but I have to say no.  Mess with my dessert and you mess with my heart.

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