My Midnight Lover (Duffin’s Donuts)

Hot.  Juicy.  Crispy.  And well-seasoned.  Ladies (and gents), the rumours are all true, Duffin does not disappoint.  Even at midnight (or especially at midnight), he knows how to please.

11 pm, buzzing, and starving, I get home on a disgusting, rainy night to the cold realization that the only thing waiting for me to devour is a package of ritz cheese crackers.  Not surprisingly, after devouring said crackers, I’m still raging with hunger.  Lucky for me, BoyToy is on his way home from Cloverdale.

“Pleeeeaaasseeee please, I beg of you, pick up some fried chicken. What’s a girl gotta do to get some fried meat around here?”

Not wanting to arrive home to a sniveling Gollum, he agrees to stop at Duffin’s Donuts on his way back.


Whispers of their fried chicken have been circulating around me for a while now but it wasn’t until this fateful Friday night when the stars aligned and destiny and fortune were on my side, that I finally got to have a taste of Duffin.  Located in East Vancouver, and also serving donuts (obviously), hot torta subs, chinese food, and bubble tea, it’s got a definite seedy convenience store vibe that really only add to his bad boy allure.

Pacing back and forth waiting for my chicken, BoyToy finally walks in with a bag of chicken and fries in his hand.

“Gimme chicken!” I snarl, essentially mauling him in my lunge for the goods.

I tear open the bags and the glorious aroma of fried food tease my nostrils.  I grab a fry and shove it into my mouth.

Amazing.  Even after twenty-five minutes and through torrential downpour, the fries are still warm and crispy.  Is this what they call being touched by an angel?  And you know what, you can even taste potato.  These babies have such a good potato consistency that I would dare to say, they would make the ideal poutine fry.

Miracles do exist, because guess what – Duffin has poutine.

Let’s get down to business – the chicken.


The spicy fried chicken is covered in a crispy skin that is spicy without being bland.   Thats right, unlike another chicken shop that shall remain unnamed but rhymes with gurch’s chicken, Duffin’s chicken is tasty and perfectly seasoned.  And unlike fellow chicken shop that shall  also remain unnamed but rhymes with Pentucky Fried Chicken, Duffin’s skin holds up and stays satisfyingly crunchy with each bite.

Duffin, I know our affair has been brief and we haven’t even known each other for very long, but I love you already.  I don’t care what the haters say and when they ask, “Would you return?” you know my answer.

Sure, you might be a bit pricier than the other losers at $10.25 for 6 pieces of chicken, but you’re worth it.  You’re always there for me, whenever I need you, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We just have so much to explore together.  Hot torta sub, poutine, bubble tea, donuts – our journey is just beginning.  My midnight lover, with your bright red and yellow lights guiding me like a beacon in my most destitute hours, I know I will be seeing you again soon.


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