Monday Night Means Asian Adventure (Beefy Beef)

I have a confession to make.

I, almost twenty years later, continue to harbour an addiction to all things Sailor Moon.  While this affliction is not debilitating and for the most part, I can still lead a normal life, it does mean that you’ll occasionally find me in an Asian noodle shop stuffing hot soup noodles down my gullet, usually at a random time in the day.

This time it was Monday night at 10 pm at Beefy Beef on Main Street.  Okay, yes, I know Sailor Moon is Japanese and Beefy Beef serves Taiwanese fare, but who’s really keeping track?  As long as I’m frantically slurping chewy noodles and crying over Tuxedo Mask while someone calls me Meatball Head, do the details really matter in the end?


Walking into the noodle house, Taiwanese girl pop music is blaring over the speakers and the sweet smell of passion fruit mingled with pearl milk tea wafts towards me, engulfing me in a warm hug.  Immediately, it’s like i’ve been transported to an asian drama where the pretty Asian boy won’t give me the time of day and the only thing that will help me through this whole terrible ordeal is the promise of magic noodles.  

The House Special is my jam here.  Why?  Because it’s got almost everything you can think of in one dish – bit fat juicy pieces of beef brisket, beef tendon, wontons, bok choy, stewed tomatoes, pickled veg, and of course oodles of noodles all swimming in a steaming hearty bowl of beef broth.


BoyToy opted for the beef tendon and tripe which looked fine, just not as delicious as mine (obviously).

Don’t forget, noodle choice is crucial when ordering.  What are you in the mood for? Thin?  Wide? Glass? Egg? Rice? Udon?  I just want you to be ready for these types of decisions so that when the time comes, you’re not thrown off guard.  Preparation is key.  Pro-tip.

Despite the broth being just a tad too greasy and perhaps a bit bland, my noo noos really hit the spot for me.  The crispy salty peppery chicken is also a popular and delicious standby at Beefy Beef, which I only know after thieving all my sister’s chicken last time.

For the snackers in the group, the menu also features dumplings, appetizers, a variety of asian style toasts, tofu, and a vast amount of beverages.

Was Monday’s edition of Asian Adventure a success and would I return to Beefy Beef?

You bet your Magic Moon Tiaras I would.  Sometimes a girl just needs some dumplings and noo noos set to the tune of dramatic whiny asian pop music to make it through the rest of the week.



Beefy Beef Noodle House 京園牛肉麵 on Urbanspoon

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