Just a Simple Gal Brunch (Tap and Barrel)

A simple gal brunch…with a million dollar view.


Let’s call this the Weekend of Brunch because for the second day in a row, I found myself stuffing my face with eggs and hash yet again – this time at Tap and Barrel in Coal Harbour.

Next to the Vancouver Convention Centre and above Trevor Linden’s Gym, Club 16, I often pass by Tap and Barrel on my way to and from the gym.  Normally I’m a scraggly, bedraggled ball of sweat, lurking by alone in the shadows, and peering in through the windows to look at all the happy bar patrons inside who are sharing laughs over brewskis.

Today though, I got to be the scraggly, bedraggled ball of sweat inside the restaurant.

Extensive beer and wine lists with a heavy emphasis on BC selections make this is a popular watering hole among locals and afterwork crowds who are looking for a more casual, laid back alternative to the Cactus Club across the way.  Scantily clad is the name of the game at both locations so not to worry, we can all still rest easily tonight!

There are two seating areas.  The first is closer to the water with floor to ceiling windows, breathtaking views , and bright lighting in the day time.  The second area is behind this and separated by an entrance to the parking lot, which means you have to go outside into the freezing Vancouver cold to move between the two.  (This must be really fun for the servers…)

Sunday Funday means starting brunch off proper with two double caesars.  Pretty decent, nothing special here.  They did come with two pickled beans each though so points for that.

Sipping on my caesar, I start to get hangry at which point, I just can’t be held responsible for any of my actions.  Luckily (for humanity), our grub arrives just in the nick of time.


Brat and eggs – 2 eggs, german bratwurst, breakfast potatoes, scratch catsup, and multigrain toast for $12.  Not bad, not great.

The best thing though is that after the colossal letdown that was yesterday’s brunch, you could have cooked me a pile of dirt and as long as it was hot, I probably would have been A OK with it.

Sure, the bratwurst was just a bit bland and could have been juicier and easier on the eyes, but the egg was runny and everything was hot.  Apparently hot food goes a long way with me these days.

Would I return?

At Tap and Barrel, it’s a simple brunch for a simple gal.  And this simple gal would brunch (and booze) again.

Tap & Barrel on Urbanspoon

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