Cute, Cozy, and COLD (Lily Mae’s Comfort Cafe)

There’s not much more disappointing in life than cold food – but that’s where Saturday afternoon found me this weekend – cold brunch at Lily Mae’s Comfort Cafe.


Stumbling upon this place on our walk this morning, it looked like a total gem.  Housed in an historic building in Gastown, Lily Mae’s is a tiny but quaint cafe that’s split into two levels and seats about 25 people.


Entering the little restaurant, I look up to see a chandelier hanging above my head and upon further inspection, I get irrationally giddy when I notice how the railings are decorated with strung lights and small jewels.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a sucker for strung lights.  When it comes to design, the answer is always more strung lights.

This place really nails it on the little details.  European antique vibe?  Check.  Quirky cutlery?  Check.  Bright lighting and vintage furniture?  Check.


Unfortunately not even the strung lights could salvage the food.  This is especially saddening because the food actually looks really tasty.

I ordered the Blackstone Benny with pan fried potatoes and my first bite of the hash browns – cold.  Cut into the benny – cold. Even a sip of the coffee – cold cold cold.

Admittedly, even despite being chilled, I did enjoy the maple black peppercorn bacon.  That sweet taste of the meat mingling with the creamy hollandaise is what I imagine cocaine to taste like – if cocaine were a highly addictive, heavenly mixture of savoury sweet bacon meat.  What I’m trying to say here is more bacon.  Always more bacon.

But let’s talk yolk for a minute.  My weekend brekky’s are reserved for runny eggs.  Sometimes the thought of a runny gooey egg oozing out all over my hash and toast is the only shining glimmer of hope that gets me through my work week.

What do I get this Saturday?  A cold eggs benny with a yolk that that does not run.  The only thing that was running for this sad bear this day were my tears.

Don’t even get me started on BoyToy’s Chorizo Breakfast Wrap.  At least my meal looked delicious.  His arrived looking cold (surprise surprise) and bland.  Dry and tasteless were also appropriate adjectives.  Lucky for Lily Mae, BoyToy is not as discerning as some – “Oh, it’s fine, I’ll just dump all this hot sauce and ketchup over top.  It’s almost good now!”

Lily Mae, your house and home are so lovely but would I return?

I’m sorry Lily, as warm and inviting as you are, I need my eggs and hash warm too.

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3 thoughts on “Cute, Cozy, and COLD (Lily Mae’s Comfort Cafe)

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