Who Says No to Good Pizza?! (Goldie’s Pizza)

Apparently this girl.

When it comes to Goldie’s Pizza, I am just so confused and conflicted inside.  With  fresh ingredients, plenty of toppings, and minimal grease, all signs point to Winner.  


And yet, even when the pizza is handed to me by the most authentic Italian man I have ever laid eyes on, I still can’t get on board.  (And I’m talking real deal authentic Godfather here – entirely clad in track suit, poor boy cap, gold skull ring – it was “BEE-YOOOO-TIFUL”)

You know what it is?  It’s the thin crust.

The pizza scene in Vancouver these days has largely become about designer thin crust pizzas that feature simpler flavours and fewer numbers of ingredients.  Admittedly, Goldie’s Pizza comes loaded with plenty of colourful meat and veg ingredients but when it’s all served on a crust as thin as Kate Moss, what is really the point?

Sometimes in life, all you really need is a big fat greasy slice of pizza.  That doughy kind of pizza that’s smothered in slabs of gooey melting cheese so hot it just about burns your tongue, but in a good way that you’re okay with.

That kind of pizza where each bite rolls around in your mouth like a big delicious warm ball of chewy.

You know, that pizza that those pretty teen girls always ate at all those sleepovers  in the movies where they complained about all the boys that liked them.  (The sleepovers that you always wished you were invited to but never were – wait, what are we talking about again?)


Long story short – it’s a good pizza.  I’m just not into it.  The crust is too thin and you know, I don’t do thin very well.  And because the pizza is so thin, it probably stays warm for about three minutes. which is probably about the time it took to me take it back home.

We ordered the large Italian and even with plenty of Italian sausage, ham, olives, roasted red peppers, green peppers, and mushrooms, the whole thing was just too thin and unsatisfying.

Would I return?

With all the pizza places down that block of West Pender and with a pretty hefty price tag of $25 a pie, of  let’s just say, unlikely.




Goldies Pizza on Urbanspoon

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