How Pho Saved My Life (Pho Thai Hoa)


Too dramatic?  Maybe.  But it sure didn’t feel that way when I woke up Sunday morning feeling like a million dementors were crushing my chest trying to suck out every last vapour of happiness along with my soul.

The night before we had been out celebrating BoyToy’s birthday and I may have gone overboard with the vodka crans, which explains why I looked like disheveled homeless bag lady the next day.  Luckily Pho Thai Hoa was there to save the day.

Located in East Van (obviously) on Kingsway somewhere between Knight Street and Victoria Drive, it means first dragging myself out of bed to pull on any available piece of clothing that resembles anything close to a sleeping bag and then venturing out of the downtown core.

ImageThis is something that took me about forty-five minutes this day – but of course, well worth it for what has to be my number one favourite pho joint of all time.  Yes, I said it. OF ALL TIME.

Okay, so it’s not clean or cozy and nobody is ever nice to you there.  But if you serve me hot massive bowls of mouthwatering broth that I often have steamy dreams about, you have me for life.

Plus, get this, they pre-cook their bean sprouts.  Ain’t nobody want no e.coli, salmonella, or listeria amiright?!

My good old standby at  Pho Thai Hoa is the number 75: Beef and Pork with vermicelli in hot and spicy soup.  Never being happy with ordering an item exactly as it is on the menu, I always ask for rice noodles instead of vermicelli.

This broth is what dreams are made of.  With that added spicy tang, it still has that beefy pho taste I love without being boring.  It’s got not one but two kinds of meat.  What more could anyone ask for?

This day also marks my first brush with beef stew here.  After some serious and thoughtful consideration and a great deal of noisy slurping, BoyToy had this to report about his meal: “It receives top marks with nicely stewed carrots and a velvety smooth texture.” (snort)


After this ridiculous amount of fangirling, it must still be asked.  Would I return?

Yes. I can’t say anything else but that because with just one sip, their broth reminds me of one crucial thing in my darkest hours – there is still life after hangover.

Pho Thai Hoa 泰和越南牛肉粉 on Urbanspoon

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