Fool me Twice, Shame on me (Brown’s SocialHouse)

I have nobody to blame but myself.  It’s all my fault.  I can’t expect you to change, and I can’t make you into something you’re not.  You were only being yourself, and like a sucker, I came crawling back.

ImageMy first brush with  Brown’s took place about a year ago in Richmond.  He was new and shiny and came with the promise of sleek, sexy, and tasty.

And like the young(ish), naive, and innocent girl I was, I believed his promises, only to have my heart stamped on with unsatisfying luke warm thai chicken and rice soup and grilled chicken cowgirl salad.

(Apparently menu items with the word “cow” in it can lead to heartbreak.)

Today at at noon found us at Brown’s SocialHouse once again , this time in Surrey with a couple of friends.

Scanning the menu, I thought I’d get this Boxing Day party started by ordering a “horseradish infused clamato” caesar.

Sounds a lot more exciting than it actually is because my initial response after taking a first sip was definitely something along the lines of “meh.”

I can’t say it was terrible.  And if I’m being honest, with the bean, lime, and celery salt rimmed glass, it was probably the highlight of my meal.  Correction: it was definitely the highlight of my meal.

IMG_20131226_194543Examining the menu further, the food items actually sound misleadingly appetizing and I settle on the chipotle and lime chicken street tacos, because really, you  can’t go wrong with tacos that are from the street!

Big Mistake.  Huge.

Apparently, chicken is not their forte because dry and chewy is definitely the name of the game here.  I only had to look at BoyToy’s tiny withered hot wings covered in a thin layer of red sauce to know this was true.  (Even more concerning was the murky  “ranch” sauce accompanying the wings that appeared to be deteriorating in front of my very eyes).

One bite into my taco, I felt like I had taken a chunk out of my lawn.  Grass Grass Grass.  I like vegetables and greenery as much as the next person, but sometimes, more is not better.  Less coleslaw mix and more juicy chicken would have really made this Boxing Day exponentially more satisfying to my taste buds.  (And my heart).

So after two disappointing dates with Brown, would I return?  As much I’d love to say, “No, I’ve learned my lesson and enough is enough,” sometimes walking away is tougher than it sounds.  I have a feeling Brown’s is one of those places that just won’t let me quit and somehow I’ll be dragged into dining there once again.  Until that day though, I feel confident in saying we are definitely on a break.

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One thought on “Fool me Twice, Shame on me (Brown’s SocialHouse)

  1. Next time you have to go in with low expectations and order only beer. Someone like this doesn’t deserve anything more from you. Personally, I am turned off by the name Socialhouse.

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