Should have gone with the beef burger… (The Black Frog Eatery)

…is never the best thought to have immediately upon seeing your own dinner.  Admittedly, it’s not the worst, but a little more enthusiasm wouldn’t have hurt.  Also some flavour would have probably gone a long way.

The Monday night before Christmas, for me, naturally means “Ladies Night” (or Try to Drink your Face Off to Forget About Your Day at Work Night). Tonight, we ended up at The Black Frog Eatery.  This was primarily due to the fact that there was a thirty minute wait for Guu and we had already walked 5 steps too far to turn back towards Steamworks.

Entering the eatery, I was pleasantly surprised to find out how cozy it actually is especially because the joint’s sort of tucked into a dark corner that makes me think it’s only for the sort of suspicious people who use grunting as their primary mode of communication.


We choose a table and a friendly server comes by to drop off some menus.  The grub is fairly typical of a pub.  Appies like soup, fries, poutine, and calamari fill up the first page of the menu.  They’ve got salads, burgers, sandwiches, flat bread, and heartier fare like beef lasagna, fish and chips, and braised beef.

Looking at the menu, the selection of food is decent.  It’s the quality that is concerning.  It’s a good thing it was “Ladies Night” and I was too pre-occupied whining about all the reasons my life is sad to pay too much attention to my boring, bland chicken patty lying between my two dry pieces of bun.

Oddly enough, the side house salad I opted for wasn’t terrible.  The balsamic dressing paired with the sweetness of the mandarin oranges was refreshingly tasty, and was probably the only redeeming quality of my meal.

One of my friends ordered the vegetarian flatbread and only had this to say: “It’s weird, but not terrible.  I can’t tell if I’m eating a cracker or a piece of bread.”


With such enthused responses, I ask, would I return?

With drink specials at 4.75 a pint and a warm place to sit, cry, and watch the game, I cannot absolutely, positively, say no.

I can, however, consider heading to one of the other thirty Gastown bars within about a half-block radius around me.


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